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Xian: Singing in the Rain May 9, 2014

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On our last day in Xi’An we had another lackluster breakfast…. bread, jam, bok choy, watermelon and hash browns. haha our tour guide had psyched us up for the hash browns. Best part of breakfast for sure. hahaIMG_1381

Some more modern Terra Cotta Warriors for ya. The art was super cute! Oh, if the Emperor could see this now!



This morning was supposed to be an included bike ride around the city walls (it’s about eight miles all the way around). It’s one of the best preserved city walls in the world and I wanted to ride on it! And not only that, we arranged to have a tandem bike to do it! But when woke up, it was pouring out… there would be no bike ride. =(

Little did we know this would be the first of SEVEN rainy days on the trip. We must have gotten lucky. Boo!




Most people saw the rain and went back to bed (they went clubbing the night before, remember? lol) But we convinced our tour guide to at least walk us to the wall so we could see what we could. IMG_1394

Rain and all… it was worth it. And because of the bad weather, we had the walls all to ourselves! IMG_1395



I can imagine on a good day, the wall is bustling with people, but today, it was just me and my umbrella. IMG_1398

See that tower off in the distance in the photo below? That was the gorgeous bell tower we saw lit up the night before. IMG_1400





Awe, these are the bikes we were supposed to be riding. Hi bikes! Sad!IMG_1408


At least this family of ducks enjoyed the rain!IMG_1417




After our rainy excursion was complete, we went back to the hotel to join our group and head out to explore the markets. It seemed like it would have been a great place to wander and look around, but the rain made this so hard to enjoy. IMG_1438


We gave it an effort and walked a few blocks, and then ended up back with our group at McDonalds to stay dry. Irving and I have only had McDonalds twice in the past 10-15 years or so. Once was in Russia when there were no other options (I ordered fries) and once here in Xi’An. We split some fries and apple pies. I am not proud. IMG_1443
But this ice cream sundae I went back for… that was another story. SO GOOD!IMG_1444

Then it was time to hit the airport for our flight to Shanghai! I wish our time in Xi’An was a little sunnier, but we loved what we saw. Maybe we’ll come back someday, would love to! Bye Ken! Thank you!

PS: How does Xi’An have Dunkin Donuts and Los Angeles doesn’t? Seriously WHY?IMG_1447

Flight to Shanghai! Now Boarding!IMG_1450


We had an easy flight on China Eastern airlines. It was about 2 hours. All domestic flights in China serve a full meal (we didn’t take one though). Apparently some other flights are so short, they serve the meals after you board, and then you have to hold them on your lap during takeoff. haha I wish I could have seen that happen. IMG_1452

Here we go! Landing in Shanghai! Feels so adventurous and exotic!IMG_1458

Oh good, my bag made it! hahaIMG_1463


Shanghai awaits us!