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Russia & The Baltic March 24, 2011

  IMG_0959[8] IMG_1059[11] IMG_1096[8] IMG_0970[20] IMG_1111[8]

In 2008, we won a trip through a Contiki contest and the prize was a trip anywhere they travel. We poured over the brochures for days and finally decided on the “Russia & The Baltic” itinerary. It seemed adventurous, a little exotic, and full of history. Exactly what we were looking for. They’ve since changed the itinerary (which I think was a really good idea), but it was a blast.

We were on the tour from September 2 – 13, 2009.

Part 1 – Moscow, Russia

Part 2 – Novgorod, Russia

Part 3 – St. Petersburg, Russia

Part 4 – Helsinki, Finland

Part 5 – Tallinn, Estonia

Part 6 – Stockholm, Sweden



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