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Arriving into Hong Kong May 23, 2014

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We arrived into Hong Kong quite late. We checked into our hotel quickly and turned back around to have a late dinner and experience the night life a bit. Even though we were exhausted, we were also very hungry, so we joined a small group from the tour and set out in search of food. Luckily we didn’t have to look far, our tour guide had the perfect place in mind for some delicious Hong Kong noodles. Enter: King’s Noodles & Dumplings.


This place was perfect. What was supposed to be a quick, nothing-special meal, turned into an amazing people-watching experience that lasted about two hours. They definitely weren’t ready for a group of 20 hungry English-Speaking Contiki folks. They had a system of numbering everyone’s seat, giving everyone a piece of paper and a pencil, and a menu with everything numbered. All each person had to do was make a list of what we wanted. But then they got confused on who was which number and who ordered what and did they want that tea hot or cold. It was pretty awesome to watch. The dishes were coming out of the kitchen faster than they could carry them and they were all yelling at each other to move faster which made them get even more confused. And then the drinks came out well after the meals did and people forgot what they had even ordered. Oh man, we were all so tired (it was 11pm at this point) it was just so funny. The food was amazing though. My first authentic Hong Kong noodles. LOVED them!!!

After that, we hailed some taxis over to the Ritz Carlton (fancy, right?) to visit the World’s Highest Bar: Ozone! (I’m a sucker for superlatives. I’ll visit anything that is “world’s biggest”, “world’s tallest”, “world’s whatever” places. Of course I had to see this place!
We didn’t stay that long… and we actually didn’t even grab a drink! Talk about a missed opportunity! But we were happy to look around, take in the atmosphere and check it off the ole’ bucket list. It was an awesome bar.

Of course, the views were incredible as well. You could see the skyline in the distance.

Soon after, we took another taxi back to our hotel. We were so impressed with the taxis in Hong Kong. They are all regulated so you know what the price will be before you even get in. 
Get ready for an exciting (and rainy) day tomorrow in Hong Kong! Rain and all, I’d have to say this city is on my top 10 list. Perhaps my top 5. Our time here wasn’t long enough, but we made the best of it and really enjoyed it!



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  1. Love all your Hong Kong posts. What a city! I hope to get here someday!

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