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Soaked to the Core March 21, 2011

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Irving and I had all kinds of Sunday plans. We had a to-do list (of course) of fun stuff and some chores stuff. But all of it got de-railed by the rain. We used to always make fun of Los Angeles residents who cancel their plans when it rains (it’s just rain, guys!) But this weekend, we totally became those people.


We scrapped our plans to attend the LA Travel Expo and spent the day in our office rewiring, rearranging and cleaning up our electronics. We’re such nerds, you have no idea. Irving even vacuumed the inside of my computer. If that’s not the dorkiest thing you’ve ever heard, what is? haha


All that geek stuff worked up an appetite and I enthusiastically tore open these new gems from Trader Joes. Dark Chocolate. Vanilla. Caramels.

Irving exclaimed “it’s like three of your favorite things all together!” Yes, husband, you are correct. They were awesome.


Later, we headed down to the South Bay to go see the LA Galaxy home opener game. They were playing the New England Revolution and it’s sort of become a tradition to see the two teams play!

It was POURING out though, they gave everyone ponchos, but just running from the car to the stadium left me soaked to the core. The poncho was no match for the weather today!

Oh well, we made the most of it, and it actually ended up being a really great game.IMG_4808


Irving listens to the broadcasts and hears all the stats and commentary…

And I spent the entire 90 minutes trying to get a good picture of David Beckham (Priorities!)IMG_4816IMG_4818IMG_4819

In the end, we tied 1-1.

Then it was time to brave the rain again to trek back to the car. My jeans were soaked to the thigh by the time we got there. Gross.
PS… why are my eyes two different sizes there?

Even though we were soaked, my uncle was in town and wanted to go out and do something fun.

We ended up having dinner at BJs Brewery and it was awesome. I had a great soup/salad combo, but I was totally saving room for the main event: The Pazooki!IMG_4832

A half-cooked cookie, served warm, with vanilla bean ice cream. Twas’ delightful!

A perfect way to end a rainy weekend. Happy Monday everyone!


US National Soccer Team vs. Chile January 23, 2011

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Last night, Irving and I headed down to the Home Depot center for some soccer! It was the US National Team vs. Chile.

We had a great time at the game, it was packed!

I think the score ended up at 1-1 at the end.

Sadly, no Beckham to look at, but these guys were YOUNG! Irving said they were probably 16 years old, because they are training for the World Cup in 2014.


I have to admit, while the game was fun, I was totally distracted by this young man.


Ashley’s mom and Hudson joined us for the game as well! He and I coordinated our outfits.

Oh, I just love him.

After the game, we hung out for a little bit, and headed back home. By now it was 10pm and we hadn’t eaten dinner. We ran through our options of restaurants that would still be open, but then we realized if we went out, we wouldn’t get home til midnight!

So we ended up just making PB&J Sandwiches (with a side of pickles) and headed straight for bed.

I’m currently icing my muscles and then heading out on a 5 mile run! Happy Sunday!


Anniversary Trip – Part 2 (Revolution Game!) July 22, 2010

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Right after we left Shelby’s place (after being up for 36 hours!) we headed to Gillette Stadium for the Revolution vs. LA Galaxy soccer game. We got a bunch of my family together and ended up with a group of 20 of us!! It was SO much fun!


Before the game, we tailgated in the parking lot for a while.IMG_4538

My mom picked up some awesome New England Style subs for me!

No offense Los Angeles, but you don’t know how to make real grinders like this!

Thanks Mom!

Chris and Mikaela:

The kids playing soccer in the parking lot!

Irving was obviously rooting for the Galaxy!

The stadium was awesome! I had never been there before!


Mom and Papa:

Group Shot

We Love Soccer!

The beginning of the game:

Everyone had such a great time!

HAHA Thunder Sticks!

Action Shot:

Awesome Sunset over the stadium!

Three Generations!

Sisters (minus one!)

Fun night!


Soccer’s Biggest Fan July 3, 2010

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I made a video of Irving explaining why Soccer is the best game ever.



We <3 Having friends in town! May 17, 2010

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We had such a great time with Erika and Timmy this weekend!

We took them to Philippe’s in Downtown LA. If you haven’t been yet, you really should. It’s one of those old Hollywood joints, where coffee is still 9 cents a cup! They are best known for inventing the original French Dip sandwich!


In typical Kelley fashion, I didn’t order the French Dip…. I got the cheese sandwich!


It was thick cheddar cheese on a crusty roll. Yes please!

Erika and I both got Pickles… of course.


After we ate, we headed down to the Home Depot Center to catch a LA Galaxy game!
JR and Ashley met us down there too!! It was a great game.

The boys (JR, Irving, Timmy):

Erika and I:

I missed a picture with Ashley!!! Aweee.

It was Military Appreciation night!

I spent most of the game trying to get a good picture of Landon Donovan. haha

IMG_3784 IMG_3788

Because of our amazing seats, we were just a few rows down from where David Beckham was sitting! He had a private box. Yes, we saw him. Yes, there are pictures to prove it. But my camera died, and I’m going to have to bribe Erika to give them to me. 🙂

It was a great weekend. One of those weekends that feels like 5 days long. It was great. Erika and Timmy are moving out to LA soon and we are SO excited they will be our neighbors!!


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