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A Chilly Balboa Park Run! January 9, 2011

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This morning I joined the Los Angeles Racers at Balboa Park for a jog. I wanted to do 5 miles, but I’m just a wee bit out of shape and ended up only doing three today.


I had a fun running buddy though!


Muggles came along to keep me company!

I think he had a good time!

I’m running the Phoenix Rock N’ Roll Half-Marathon next Sunday, and I have to say I’m a little bit nervous. I haven’t had a serious training run since the fall. I’m a good role model for how not to train for an event. But hopefully it’ll all work out. I’ll just do a fair share of walking.

I tested out my new Zensah compression sleeves this morning though.


[note: NOT my legs. Photo from]

They were awesome. They kept me warm and I could feel my muscles being supported more. Excited to wear them on Sunday!

I hope I see SkinnyRunner and CarrotsNCake there! Anyone else going?


Boston Marathon Running Gear May 20, 2010

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I didn’t think I cared about having any more Boston Marathon gear. I mean, I got the jacket and that was pretty much all I really wanted. And on top of that, I LOVE the long sleeve technical shirt they gave us at the expo. AND I got a sweet Boston visor.

But when I was running last week, I realized that I REALLY wanted a “Boston Marathon” shirt I could run in. So people out on the running trail could be like “Oh wow, that girl ran the Boston Marathon!” So I ordered this awesome shirt from Adidas.


I actually ordered in two different sizes because technical shirts always run really small. But I LOVE this shirt!


It’s a little warm, I might not be able to wear it on really long runs when it gets hot, but it was really comfortable. It’s made for the new Adidas Mi (which I think is their answer to the Nike+). So it has a pocket for your MP3 player (and keys!)

And then the wire goes up through the shirt and comes out through a hole on the top! Brilliant!


It keeps your headphones in place and they don’t bounce around. It “locks” the wire in place. I love this.

And of course, it has my Boston Marathon logo on the front. YAY!


I also got this cotton t-shirt….because what the heck, I finished, right!


It’s cotton, so I can’t run in it, but it’s still really nice. It’s the perfect weekend shirt.
(PS… all the BAA gear has been marked down on their website!)


In other news, Irving and I went on a walk tonight and we saw three skunks… and a cute little baby skunk! And I also did a cartwheel in someone’s front lawn. It was very exciting.


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