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Hubby Brought me Presents! August 21, 2010

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Irving was out of town last week and at first, I was happy to have the house to myself (I only made the bed twice all week, shhh!) But by Friday, I couldn’t wait to see his smilin’ face. I mean come on, who wouldn’t miss this guy:
Engagement_2008 157

When I came home from work yesterday, he had just walked through the door. We immediately went out and ordered a pizza to take back. I think we were both too hungry for our own good and we ate the WHOLE pizza minus ONE slice. I think we both decided not to eat the last slice just to say we didn’t really eat a whole Xtra Large Pizza in one swoop. HAHA

But regardless, I’m happy to have him home. He even came armed with PRESENTS from Harris Ranch! Aside from the amazing burgers he brought home for dinner tonight, he brought me my FAVORITE parfait cup!

Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding, Strawberries, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream and Walnuts. Mmmm!

He even tied a bow around it so it looked even prettier (as if you need do anything to make chocolate and whipped cream look prettier, right?)


But that’s not ALL…check this out!


It’s a Candy Corn flavored Lolli-pop!!!! I LOVE CANDY CORN!!!! What a guy.

Missed you babe, welcome back!!!


In other news, I wanted to share the amazing birthday card that my sister Laurie sent me this week!

But first the back story… when we were little, every winter, my family would have a “Beach Party” in the living room. When it was super cold outside, we’d crank up the heat, get into our bathing suits, lay on our beach towels and eat a picnic on the floor with paper plates. It was pretty epic.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Inner tubes and flip flops required.

So fast forward to this week, I almost died when I saw this card in the mail from my sister:


Thanks Laurie, that was pretty hilarious!


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