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Not what you think it is…. March 10, 2011

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It started out innocent enough….

I found this recipe on Roni’s blog recently.  Avocado Chocolate Pudding. I mean… I like Avocados, and I like Chocolate.

Erika came over for dinner tonight, and we were both excited to make this for dessert.


Add some chopped avocado, cocoa powder, sugar, salt, milk and vanilla and give it a whirl!

It was pretty amazing to see it turn into chocolate after just a couple of minutes. We were intrigued.

But behold… It actually had the texture of chocolate pudding!

It did taste pretty good, but it stuck to my stomache like glue. I actually only had a few bites before I had to put it down. Way too rich, even for me! It was a great experiment, and it did work… but just not for me. Maybe because I kept thinking of it as Avocado and it was weirding me out.

After dinner, we relaxed while watching this amazing movie:

This is by far, my favorite movie… ever. I was obsessed when I was in middle school. Remember back in the day if you didn’t have HBO, the channel would come in scrambled? I used to listen to the movie over and over (even though I couldn’t see the picture). So, so good.

Did anyone else have this poster on their wall in 1996? Who’s with me?

In other news, look what Irving hung on the wall today!

The 1st Wedding Anniversary gift is ‘Paper’, and I gave Irving this print. The background was a photo he took of the sunrise over the lake on our wedding day. And the text is from our first dance.  The song was ‘Everything Else Disappears” by Sister Hazel. It’s a beautiful song. Here’s some of the lyrics:

I thought that I’d known you forever
I felt like I’d finally come home
After all of these lifetimes
You still take my breath away

Everything falls out of focus
You walk through the door
And one thing that’s clear to me
Helplessly hopeless
I’m all right with that
In a room full of people
Everything else disappears

Awe, I just got swept away thinking about this for a second there. Hearing our band play that song for us, and staring into Irving’s eyes was one of the best moments of my life.

Thanks for hanging the picture up, babe! Love you!


What was/will be your wedding song?


A Valentine’s Day Soiree February 15, 2011

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Last night, Irving and I had such a Romantic evening. We headed up to Simi Valley to attend the ‘Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dinner and Dance’. It was such a great night, we ate, danced, laughed and talked. It was perfect.

Backing up a little bit, the event started at 6pm, which isn’t easy coming from the Hollywood area. We got dressed in 15 minutes flat!



But we made it just in time. The Reagan Library is really a sight to see if you are in the area. The American History comes alive through their amazing exhibits. They just redid them all for Reagan’s 100th Birthday celebration.

We had such a great time wandering through the museum on our way to dinner. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the next President of the United States!

And his first lady, Kelley!

We’re naturals. And the first task on the job is to make a television broadcast to our country.

You’re live in 3…2…1!


Then we arrived at the highlight of the evening. Seeing Air Force One.

So much history was made on this aircraft. They call it “The Flying White House”. The Reagan Library website says: This Flying White House, tail number 27000, served seven U.S Presidents from 1973 to 2001, including Presidents Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush.

We literally dined underneath Air Force One!

To our right, we could see Marine One too (The Presidential Helicopter!)

We must have been the youngest couple there by almost twenty years, and we LOVED it. It was so nice to look around and see all these older couples still dancing, still happy, and still in love. I can’t wait to grow old with Irving and share these fun evenings with him. I just hope I can dance as well as them in sixty years!

We were seated at our own sweetheart table overlooking the dance floor. It was so cozy and we had fun chatting.

My handsome Valentine!

But ok… the food. Oh My Gosh, The food! It was amazing. We started with some champagne.

Cheers! To many more!

Fresh Rosemary Bread

The Salad: EPICUREAN GREENS with cheese, candied pistachios, sliced oranges and a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette 

I had the vegetarian dish this time: VEGETABLE RISOTTO with parmesan and asparagus spears


And Irving had the Chicken: ROASTED ROSEMARY CHICKEN in a marsala wine sauce with Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus Spears and Carrot Souffles

And for dessert: FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE with dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse, fresh berries and raspberry coulis

OHMYGOSH I’ve never had chocolate cake as good as this. NEVER. This was to DIE for. And the saddest part? We couldn’t even finish it. That photo above was per person! We each had our own. I tried to finish it, I really did. But I was far too stuffed. I eventually surrendered and watched the waiter carry it away with a tear in my eye. I will dream about this cake for as long as I live. Seriously.

After dinner, we headed down towards the dance floor.

There were so many incredible dancers that we were a little intimidated. These guys know the waltz, the fox trot, the samba, you name it, they danced it!

We found our place in a corner where our two left feet wouldn’t get in anyone’s way. It was fun though. We practiced a few of our wedding dance spins and had a blast.


To dance underneath one of the most iconic symbols of America was a little surreal.

Down below, there is a bar that was gifted to the Library from Ireland. It’s a pub that Reagan visited when he was over there. They were going to tear it down, but instead, donated it. So neat!

It was truly an event we will never forget. We feel so lucky that we have this stuff at our fingertips.

At the end of the night, we got to take home the flowers from the tables! They were really cute.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Irving!


And just for fun, here’s a flashback picture of us in this same place back in 2006!
Regan Library 9-10-06 060

Where does the time go?


The Grilled Cheese Truck!! January 9, 2011

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For those of you who don’t live in Los Angeles, there’s a phenomenon that started a few years ago called ‘Food Trucks’. It’s a bunch of trucks who drive around and have awesome menus. They don’t have a solid location, so you have to check twitter to find out where they’ll be next. I’ve been DYING to try the ‘Grilled Cheese Truck’, but it always seems to evade me! (And the lines are usually really long!)


But yesterday, we were in the right place at the right time and we were right nearby where the truck was parked. The Mini Cooper dealership was having an event and the grilled cheese was FREE! (Are you kidding me? Free Grilled cheese?!)

While we waited in line, look who we spotted!

Yea Baby! Groooovy!

We were debating what to order… but it was an easy decision since they’re famous for their ‘Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese’.

Think about that for a second… Mac & Cheese inside of a grilled cheese sandwich.


Sounds a little strange, but trust me on this one.

Irving got the same thing, but with the Rib Meat inside.

It also came with a cup of Tomato Soup (which was surprisingly awesome)!

Thank you Mini Dealer for the free, yummy lunch!!

When we got back home, we topped off lunch with some Sea Salt Caramels.

OH MY GOSH! They were AMAZING! Sweet and salty in the same bite. Delicious!

Grilled Cheese + Chocolate = HAPPY WEEKEND!


IMG_2850 IMG_2848


Prepping for a Baby Shower! September 12, 2010

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One of my best friends, Ashley and JR, are having a baby soon, so today, Erika and I threw her a shower to celebrate!

But back up to earlier in the week when we started making the favors and the cake!

First Step: FAVORS!

We made chocolate covered pretzels!

We melted down some chocolate to decorate inside the molds with:

We had to paint all the details with a paintbrush:


And we melted down some chocolate for the base:

IMG_5640 IMG_5639

All wrapped up!

Second Step: Sugar Cookies!




Then we had to frost them all!
 IMG_5878 IMG_5879

Third Step: Bear Cake!

Erika found this super cute bear cake in the Wilton Magazine:

We Erika made the two layers of the bear first. and used frosting to stack it together.
 IMG_5880 IMG_5882

Then she got to work decorating with frosting!

(I think my camera ate some of the detail shots of this!)

Erika pretty much made them and I watched (moral support!) And she was nice enough to let me lick the spoon. lol


The Final Product! So cuuute!!!

While we baked, the boys were jumping around playing the wii!
IMG_5886 IMG_5883

We had a BLAST planning the shower. I was sad Ashley couldn’t be there… but I guess we had to keep it a surprise!


Chocolate Cures Cancer!! December 3, 2009

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No really, it does! At least when I’m making it home-made and selling it as a fundraiser for Dana-Farber!!

My awesome mother-in-law and I cooked up a batch of homemade chocolates this weekend!

We melted down some good chocolate in this fondue pot!

The hardest part is being patient enough to wait for it to melt!

Filling up the molds!

Don’t they look so professional? Julie my mother-in-law has some beautiful molds!

These are my favorites! Look how cute these are!

Then we bagged them up and made them look all pretty!

What was Irving doing while the ladies were baking? Powerwashing the driveway. hahaha

The ladies. I love their matching pastel shirts!

If you live in the LA area… I’m selling the chocolate while supplies last for a minimum $3 donation! Just shoot me an email and let me know! You can also support my fundraising for Dana-Farber here!


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