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Hollywood Bowl: Dudamel! August 6, 2010

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Last night was my 3rd Bowl Night of the summer (here’s night one and night two!)


We got there a little later than usual, so we didn’t do the usual potluck picnic, but we still brought our dinner to enjoy under the stars. Erika and Timmy and I went to Vons to get Deli Sandwiches. My high school friend, Luca, texted me to place his order: Turkey + Cheese on sourdough with lettuce, avocado and pickles—-well imagine our dismay to find out when we got there that they forgot to put the cheese AND the turkey on the sandwich! How does that even happen?!

hahaha. two thumbs down for Vons.

Luca didn’t seem to mind too much, but I felt bad! Sorry Luca!

It was so fun to have a mini high school reunion at the Bowl! Still friends 13 years later!
(Well, I’ve known luca since 5th grade –which is 17 years?!?!)

Everybody knows that a night at the bowl isn’t complete without a bottle of wine (or two), but the older couple sitting next to us didn’t get the memo. Right when we sat down, the man proclaimed “Geez, I hope they don’t let the music interfere with their drinking.” I was kind of annoyed because my little group of friends is probably more respectful than the average twenty-something. I don’t like being judged. And PS, we split 1.5 bottles between 5 people –hardly the rowdy group!

So I did what any decent person would do, I offered them some watermelon and they obliged. 🙂 Situation remedied. Then he was nice to me for the rest of the show.  Kelley: 1, Rude people: 0.

PS, after the show, the man told me that he’s been coming to the bowl for 66 years. I told him that I’ve been coming for 6. He smiled and said “ah, well that means you have 60 wonderful years at the bowl to look forward to.” He’s now my friend, I thought that was sweet.

The show was conducted by Gustavo Dudamel (if you haven’t heard of him, watch the piece that 60 Minutes did on him last year, it was phenomenal.)

He has so much energy and he just LOOKS like he’s having a great time up there, which makes it so much more fun for the audience. He captivates people like I’ve never seen at the bowl. He got standing ovations.


We had so much fun listening to the awesome music under the stars.


We always sit way up in the bleachers (really can’t beat $8 tickets)! But I always bring my binoculars with me to get a closer look. (I even offered to let the old man use them, but he declined! See! I’m nice, not rowdy!)

Great night, as usual. I love living in Los Angeles!


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