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Relaxing at Erika’s House! November 22, 2009

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I was only in North Carolina for a quick 48 hours, but it was still so fun to catch up and hang out and chat too. We had a few more adventures that included a stop in Dunkin Donuts! MMmm Had to have my DD Fix!

We also got shakes at Chick Filet (OMG Ice Cream HEAVEN!)

We had an awesome lunch in downtown Raleigh at The Mellow Mushroom! I had an awesome Avocado Melt!

And of course, we spent plenty of time hanging out with the kids dogs.

Thanks for an AWESOME weekend Erika!!!!!


There’s No Place like DUKE!

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We also ventured off to Duke University’s Campus. It was GORGEOUS!!! We loved it! We just walked around and imagined what it must be like to go to school there. It looked like a movie set. A Hogwartz perhaps? So unreal. 


Check out these awesome rocking chairs… perfect for studying! They looked so comfy!

I LOOVED the leaves! Look how orange and Crunchy!

A Mini Photoshoot with Timmy and Erika!

Reese is going to apply to Duke when she’s out of High School.

Check out these Benches!!!!

In my next life, I’m totally going to Duke. So awesome!!


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