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Novgorod: The Town in the Middle September 6, 2009

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We spent some time getting to know our Contiki Bus driving from Moscow to Novgorod. But the scenery was really pretty and interesting to look at. During the time of Communism, it was illegal to own your own house or property. Everything was owned by the government and handed out to the citizens. Everything was the same. Everything was even. But when the Iron Curtain fell, people started moving out to the country side and building their own houses for the first time.

Around sunset, we arrived at our destination: Novgorod. It looked like Ireland!

There was a lot of damage done to the town during World War II. It was occupied by Germany at the time, and the city was bombed a lot. But slowly, they have rebuilt it, and it’s almost back to it’s original glory. That gold spire was plated in 1408!

We had a nice night’s sleep in a really nice hotel before we headed off to St. Petersburg (the city I was looking forward to the most!)


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