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The Hollywood French Toast Tour June 12, 2011

I don’t venture “over the hill” often. I love living in the Valley and can’t stand the Hollywood traffic. But I made the drive twice this weekend with one of my favorites! Janet is pregnant and she’s been craving french toast. And when pregnant mama wants french toast, you go with her to get it. TWICE!
FrenchToastTour (3)FrenchToastTour (4)

We called this weekend, “The French Toast Tour”, and it all started Friday night at the Larchmont Bungalow.
FrenchToastTour (1)

This was my second time there, and I loved it the first time, so I was psyched to go back again!
FrenchToastTour (5)

I looked at the menu, really I did, but really, I knew in my gut the decision was already made. I ordered the red, white and blue pancakes… again! But Janet came for one reason, and one reason only…. french toast. I think she loved the décor just as much as I do!
FrenchToastTour (6)

We sat outside and chatted for a bit before the food came out. It’s fun dining al fresco on summer nights!
FrenchToastTour (10)

My pancakes were every bit as amazing as I remembered. It’s such a unique taste, and it’s just so pretty!
FrenchToastTour (11)

Janet’s french toast looked beautiful too!
FrenchToastTour (9)

Served with a side of Bacon! Oh man, their bacon was delicious!
FrenchToastTour (7)

I think we had a happy mama!
FrenchToastTour (8)

Breakfast for dinner is fun! I ate as much as I could, and still couldn’t eat the blue velvet slice. I saved it for later!
FrenchToastTour (12)

Friday night dinner with friends!
FrenchToastTour (13)

Janet liked the french toast, but said she was still dreaming about the Griddle Café. We made plans to go for breakfast the next day for part two of the french toast showdown. Janet arrived promptly at 8am yesterday morning. We wanted to avoid the crazy lines and get in early!
FrenchToastTour (14)

Our plan worked, we were seated almost immediately! We ordered coffee, which each came in an individual french press! So cool!
FrenchToastTour (15)

Janet, of course ordered the French Toast. I stole a bite and it tasted like cake! I’ve never tasted anything like it!
FrenchToastTour (17)

Irving ordered a waffle. It was dense and savory and a little bit sweet.
FrenchToastTour (16)

And I completed the breakfast item trifecta by ordering the “Mounds of Pleasure” pancakes (coconut and chocolate filled pancakes topped off with whipped cream). I love coconut, so I ordered them. Holy Canoli! This thing was HUGE!
FrenchToastTour (18)

Three 12-inch pancakes with layers of coconut and chocolate in between. It was the size of a birthday cake. Literally. I can’t even put into words how big this thing was. I was in shock. Right away, I asked for a to-go box. I couldn’t even cut into it, it was so large! I ate about 1/8th of it before being stuffed to the gills. I actually needed a second to-go box just to fit it all in!
FrenchToastTour (19)

The taste was incredible, but next time, just ONE pancake will do! And even then you could probably split it!

We had a great time, the griddle café is a hollywood legend that must be eaten to be believed. I’ve officially been initiated in!
FrenchToastTour (20)

Oh, hi Irving!
FrenchToastTour (21)

So in the end, I think the Griddle Café won for “best tasting french toast”. And it also wins for best tasting and unique flavors of pancakes. And they win for size of pancakes too.

But in my heart, Larchmont wins for prettiest red velvet pancakes.

So much fun, thanks Janet!

After the Griddle Café, Janet, Chely and I scrapbooked for a solid five hours! I got a few pages done that have been on my to-do list for ages! And when I came home, I took a three-hour nap. Guess I was tired! Can’t think of a better way to spend a saturday: friends, food, scrapbooking and a nap!


Red, White and Blue….Pancakes! May 29, 2011

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A while back, my friend Erica told me about Larchmont Bungalow. They are known for their Red and Blue Velvet Pancakes and ever since I heard about them, I’ve been DYING to go!
Artisan Food [source]

Just a few days after I saw her post, it popped up in Groupon and I bought it right away! I was saving it for the perfect weekend, and since it is Memorial Day and all, it seemed appropriate!


It was such a great, cute restaurant with lots of tables scattered around and outdoor seating aplenty. You really do feel like you’re walking into someone’s house when you enter, everything is very cute.

You order your food at the counter and they bring it to your table when it’s ready. We had $30 to spend with our coupon and came up a few bucks short. So it made sense to drool over the dessert selection and grab one for later!
IMG_6008 IMG_6007

We got a chocolate chip cookie whoopie pie. I don’t know what it is, but there are cookies, chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate. I’m sure it will deserve it’s own post when we attack it, so just sit tight for now.

We sat outside and sipped our coffee while we waited. Boy, was their coffee strooong!
IMG_6011 IMG_6012


And then, this beauty appeared in front of me. Behold, the Red and Blue velvet pancakes!

I was expecting it to be cakey, but it wasn’t, it had the consistency and taste of a pancake, but with a hint of red velvet in it. It was awesome. In between the warm deliciousness was a layer of cool cream cheese frosting. Topped with walnuts and powdered sugar.

I don’t know how they get it to be so blue, but I’m not asking any questions. It was fabulous.


Irving got the Larchmont French Toast which is “Stuffed with Nutella and plantains, then topped with toasted hazelnuts and served with a warm hazelnut syrup.”

We both saved about half to have again tomorrow.


[Edited to add: I couldn’t wait til tomorrow and have already eaten the leftovers for lunch!]

On the way back home, we saw some angry looking clouds, but they were just passing through.


We’re looking forward to a cookout later today and a nice walk in the evening…. and a long night of playing video games too!


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