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Springtime Chicken March 30, 2011

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Last night, we cooked up another one of our Dream Dinners meals.

This one was the ‘Chicago Style Chicken’, and it was amazing. So much flavor, and so easy to make. I joke with other healthy food bloggers that I don’t ‘cook’…instead, I ‘assemble’. But I’m darn good at it. Winking smile

I cracked open a bottle of wine (direct from Costco’s shelves). This was a Riesling and it was fabulous.


Enjoyed along side my Easter Bunnies. I wait all year for them to come out and play!

The rest of the night, we did some more office work. I’m converting my entire music library from ITunes to Windows Media Player. It is such a painstakingly long process. We got a home server, where we can access all of our music anywhere in the world… but it all has to be converted first.

(nerds, we know.)

Tell me, what’s the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done? Tell me I’m not alone.


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