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Sedona, AZ September 22, 2007

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We just had the most relaxing week in Sedona, Arizona. The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and we had a blast! It was about a nine hour drive, but it was great. It rained a little bit when we got to Arizona, but I was so excited. I even stuck my arm out the window to feel it! (When you live in LA, you kinda miss the rain!) We had a little detour and we kinda got lost on Route 66, but we figured it out and it was all good. 🙂

Sedona 09-07 003 (Small) Sedona 09-07 005 (Small)
The hotel we stayed in had two pet snakes!! The black and white one was kinda going into hibernation so he wasn’t really that active, but the red snake was really active and he ate tons of crickets while we were there. This, of course, entertained me til no end! Snakes behind glass are kinda cute!

Ok, I know there are a lot of pictures, but they were so beautiful, I couldn’t narrow it down!
Here’s a few pics of Sedona and the area. So amazing.
Sedona 09-07 006 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 007 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 009 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 010 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 011 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 015 (Small)

Irving went golfing at one of the beautiful courses in Sedona.
Sedona 09-07 020 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 021 (Small)

And this is what I did while he golfed. HAHA!
Sedona 09-07 024 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 022 (Small)

After sunset, we went to visit the famous church that is built in into the red rocks. Pics are kind of blurry because there wasn’t much sunlight left. But they were too beautiful to leave out!
Sedona 09-07 042 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 028 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 030 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 031 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 035 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 036 (Small)

One day, Irving and I went for a bike ride to get some brunch. It was a little intense, the hills were enormous!! But it was a great workout, and I saw cool cacti on the side of the road. haha
Sedona 09-07 161 (Small)

Seriously, how cool is this!
Sedona 09-07 165 (Small)

View from the top of one of those massive hills!!
Sedona 09-07 156 (Small)

One of the most famous rock formations in Sedona is called "Coffe Pot Rock" because, well… it looks like a coffee pot!! But check out the names of the streets at the base of the mountain! HAHA
Sedona 09-07 174 (Small)
This is hilarious!
Sedona 09-07 177 (Small)

I think one of the highlights of our trip was going to "Slide Rock Park"… It is a natural rock formation that has reallly slippery rocks, and you slide down them like a waterslide! The current pushes you through, and it was sooo much fun. Check out these cute pics!!

This is the little river, you slide all the way down them into a little reservoir at the bottom.
Sedona 09-07 207 (Small)

10 points if you can find Irving!
Sedona 09-07 183 (Small)

Here’s me! Getting ready to go down! (Did I mention the water was just about freezing? ha, I’m guessing around 45 degrees! Crazy!!!)
Sedona 09-07 185 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 186 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 187 (Small)

Almost to the bottom!
Sedona 09-07 197 (Small)

So fun!
Sedona 09-07 188 (Small)

Here comes Irving!!!
Sedona 09-07 200 (Small)

Dropping down!
Sedona 09-07 201 (Small)

Here’s a few more pics around Sedona:

This is the road that gets you down into Sedona. I love how the roads are carved out of the mountain!
Sedona 09-07 241 (Small)

We were there for a beautiful full moon!
Sedona 09-07 223 (Small)

A coal miner? not sure. ha
Sedona 09-07 225 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 227 (Small)

These chairs were made 100% out of stone and pipes. Cool huh?
Sedona 09-07 228 (Small) Sedona 09-07 231 (Small)

It was too good to pass up!
Sedona 09-07 232 (Small)

Sedona 09-07 234 (Small)


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