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Vancouver Recap Video March 19, 2010

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I finally got around to putting together a little video from our trip to Whistler! You’d never know I live in Hollywood by the quality of this video… don’t judge. Blame I-Movie and its limited capabilities! haha  



Back to Vancouver! March 7, 2010

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After the Olympics were over, we headed back to Vancouver for our last day. The drive back was stunning. 

We stopped in Stanley park and saw these cool totem poles!

We even saw the Olympic rings from the back!

We stopped at  the Granville Island Market for lunch! But we couldn’t resist this Nutella and Banana crepe for dessert!

Check out this Banana Plant!
This was an ad for the next Winter Olympics in Russia!

One of the Olympic Venues!

Then we took a quick detour to Lynn Canyon Park! They have waterfalls!

And suspension bridges!

It really was an amazing week in British Columbia!

One more thing, just because it was funny…. we got Chinese Food in the airport…. what the heck does this thing say?! HAHAHA

Click to enlarge!


The Road to Vancouver/Whistler

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On Friday, we woke up in Los Angeles, had breakfast in Seattle, lunch in Vancouver and dinner in Whistler! It was a long, but beautiful gorgeous day.

We met up with some of Janie’s family in Seattle and had breakfast at a cute diner called Endolyne. It used to be an old train stop that was at "The End of the Line". Get it? I wish I had pictures, it was a cute place.

As we got on the road, I got my first glimpse of the Seattle Needle as we whizzed by!

We were really excited once we got closer to the Canadian border. We started to see signs for the Olympics!

We stopped for an hour in Vancouver to explore some of the Olympic areas. Obviously first on our list was the Cauldron. It was fairly easy to find (follow the crowds!) Even in the rain, it was beautiful and impressive.

Hi Jake!

We love all the gorgeous blue/lime logos that were everywhere!

We battled the crowds to get a glimpse! 

We even found a bobsleigh to try out! HAHA

The highway from Vancouver to Whistler was closed to the public. You had to have a special permit to be able to drive up to Whistler. Good thing we had one! We felt special. 🙂

Next stop….Whistler!


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