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Barcelona, Spain February 18, 2003

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We got a train and headed to Valencia… a city on the Eastern Coast of Spain.

We found our hostel… people are soooo friendly to us! It was really nice to be in a place where people are willing to help you out.

We visited some churches, went to the Towers and some ancient fortification buildings. We crossed a bridge and visited some gardens. We picked oranges from tress, but decided not to eat them.

For Dinner, we found a place called the “American Bar and Grill”. Perfect… it was sooo good. ( I know, I know).

Back at the Hostel, we met some people. There were 3 brothers from Venezuela who came to Spain to find a job. They told us that in South America you cant really be who you want to be, so they came to Spain to find a better life for themselves. I was so impressed that they chose to learn English, in a Spanish-speaking country, and I felt so ignorant that I don’t bother to learn their language. So I made a decision for myself to learn Spanish this summer.