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Barcelona to Koln February 20, 2003

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We visited the Olympic Stadium today. Barcelona was the home of the 1992 Olympics. There was a soccer game going on inside, but it really wasn’t that impressive… I was a bit disappointed with it actually.

We headed on a train to Köln, Germany, through Paris.


Barcelona, Spain February 19, 2003

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We found another cheap hostel, dropped our stuff off, and headed to see Guell Park. It was an entire park designed by the artist, Gaudi. It was all mosaic style, it was incredible. It looked like a village that belonged in the game Candyland! It looked like a gingerbread house! We walked thorugh it in the rain for a bit. My pants were sooo wet and caked with mud!

For dinner, we decided to save money and bought some stuff at a grocery store… our entire meal (including pasta, sause, bread, cheese, 2 liters of water, wine and cookies) came to 3 Euros….split between Emily and I: only a dollar fifty each. FOR AN ENTIRE MEAL! Emily said that the Spanish economy was going under, which was why everything was so cheap! We cooked dinner ourselves in the Hostel… not only was it really fun, but we saved money and it was really good!

We hung out there all night and went to bed.


Barcelona, Spain February 18, 2003

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We got a train and headed to Valencia… a city on the Eastern Coast of Spain.

We found our hostel… people are soooo friendly to us! It was really nice to be in a place where people are willing to help you out.

We visited some churches, went to the Towers and some ancient fortification buildings. We crossed a bridge and visited some gardens. We picked oranges from tress, but decided not to eat them.

For Dinner, we found a place called the “American Bar and Grill”. Perfect… it was sooo good. ( I know, I know).

Back at the Hostel, we met some people. There were 3 brothers from Venezuela who came to Spain to find a job. They told us that in South America you cant really be who you want to be, so they came to Spain to find a better life for themselves. I was so impressed that they chose to learn English, in a Spanish-speaking country, and I felt so ignorant that I don’t bother to learn their language. So I made a decision for myself to learn Spanish this summer.


Barcelona, Spain February 17, 2003

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Finally, we got there in the morning, and we took the metro to find a place to stay. We found a really cheap place that a family owned and rented out their extra bedrooms… it was a little shady, but Emily and I decided to stay anyways… we spoke no Spanish… they spoke no English… all well. It was really warm in Spain… there were palm trees, we walked along the bay for a bit! It was absolutely beautiful.

We went shopping, I bought a sweater… Emily bought shoes.

We went to the Imax Theater… saw two 3D movies— both in Spanish…Didn’t understand a thing, but the visuals were nice!


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