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Engagement Story Part 1 January 20, 2008

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Engagement Story Part 1:

The Decoy Dinner!

On January 19th, Irving surprised me with an “impromptu” weekend away. He told me that I couldn’t ask any questions and I had to just follow along. We drove for two hours to Palm Springs and he made me change into something nice. Then we got to our destination: the Aerial Tram up the mountains overlooking the valley in Palm Springs. It was freezing up there, there was even a few feet of snow!

The valley at the top of the Gondola. The gondola rotates 360 degrees as it
goes up. It’s the only one in the Western Hemisphere. The view was spectacular!

We had dinner at a beautiful restaurant at
the top, complete with wine and fondue! “This is it”, I thought,
“He’s going to propose!”… I was so nervous and excited. But dinner
came to an end, and there was no ring… sad.

MMmm.. at least the fondue was good!

Irving then took me to stay the night
at the same hotel we stayed at in 2005 when we moved out to LA. It was symbolic
of our success we’ve had in LA since then.