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Engagement Story Part 2 January 20, 2008

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The Surprise

On January 20th, Irving’s alarm went off at 4am. He was like “Is that your
phone?” And I was said “No, I think it’s yours!” He answered: “Oh yea, that is
my phone. You have to get up and put something nice on.” I was like “You must be
joking… I’m going back to bed.” But he insisted that I get up and get dressed.
So I did. And then he drove me two hours down to Temecula, CA, which is near San
Diego. He told me that we had breakfast reservations there. But when we got to
the location, a winery, it was still dark out and I told him that the place is
obviously closed and that he was realllly early. He then admitted that he had
lied, and that in a few minutes, a truck was going to pick us up and take us up
in a Hot Air Balloon ride! I was so excited. For real?!?! Is that dangerous? I
was so excited! When the truck pulled up, it was still dark out, and we watched
the sun rise as they put the balloons together.

Watching the sun rise over the baskets!

Guess who’s excited?!?!

There were two balloon rides that day, but one basket was just for us! Irving
had chartered the “sweetheart balloon” that would take us up on a private

That’s our balloon all packed up and ready for us!

The sun was rising while the balloons were inflating!

Look how cute he is! He must have been so nervous and excited!

The two baskets getting ready to be launched!

Unraveling the balloons!

Balloons being laid out and ready to go! (That was our pilot, Tim!)

Filling it up with cold air!

Irving, watching the sun rise, with the first balloon in the background!

This is actually a shot from the top of the balloon, peeking through to the
bottom as it was filling up! These balloons were Huge!

Look how big it is! Aren’t we cute at 6am?

Filling it up with hot air. The hot air is what actually makes it rise up.

On it’s way up!

Me, very excited for my first Hot Air Balloon ride! YAY!

Moments away…

This is actually us INSIDE of the balloon. That’s how huge it
really is!

This is a close up of the basket itself!

The first balloon going up! Look at those flames!

This was our balloon. Notice the other balloons that were also in
flight at the same time!