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Nike 2010!! April 5, 2010

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The 2010 Nike Women’s Marathon registration is now open! It’s a lottery, but I’m crossing my fingers I get in! It will be my 6th consecutive time running this race if I get selected to run!!!

Almost all the hits on my blog today were from people looking for pictures of the coveted “Tiffany’s Necklace!”

So if you’re new here! Here they are!

2005 – 2009:

And if you want to see my race recaps, here they are!






I’ll be back soon with a whole bunch of new posts!!!


One Response to “Nike 2010!!”

  1. shelly Says:

    Hi Kelley! I found your blog by accident searching for Tiffany pendant images from all the San Fran races. Thank you for having all the images!! Just saying hi! I did the Baltimore marathon in 2009, my first, with Team in Training. Loved every minute of it. SanFran 2011 is my goal with TNT, after Marine corps this year. I love all your pictures, thanks for sharing!
    Shelly from Maryland
    PS, OMG, you did Boston?? A dream….

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