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2011 Nike Women’s Marathon: Race Recap October 17, 2011

Well, it was that time of year again!

2011 marks my SEVENTH time doing the Nike Women’s Marathon. I did the full in 2005 and then the half in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. And here we are again! I can’t believe I’ve been running for 7 years.

Irving and I drove up to San Francisco late on Friday night and arrived into the city at 1am. We fell asleep right away and woke up Saturday bright and early, just in time to hit up the expo as it opened.

I have to say that after being at that expo 7 years in a row, the appeal has worn off. I’m not interested in the overpriced apparel, gimicky nike + promotions and hour long waits for free stuff. Nike has a captive, vulnerable audience and they’re not ashamed of taking your money and making it clear who their sponsors are. If you were a first timer, I’m sure it’s just as amazing as you’d think it would be. But for me, I think I finally got a little bored with it.

The best part? Seeing my friend Niki (who was running the full!)

And getting free Keurig Coffee and Tea from their truck across the street (not affiliated with Nike).

I grabbed my goodie bag and a few samples of Ghiradelli chocolate and left the crowds behind us in search of lunch.

We met up with Irving’s mom and grandmother, who were nice enough to trek into the city to see us. We had a great meal together and hung out for the afternoon.

After they left, we went in search of pre-race snacks and then hit the sack. We had an early wake up call the next morning! But since our hotel was LITERALLY right at the start line (we could see the corrals below us from the window!) we got to sleep in a bit longer! Score!

Oh, didn’t I tell you? I had company this year! Irving decided to walk the whole 13.1 miles with me! I was so excited! I had fun showing him the ropes where to check our bags, how to fuel before the start and how to get pumped for the race.

It was unseasonably warm this year! Didn’t even need a long sleeve at the start! (This was me in 2005… I had on two shirts and a trashbag to keep warm!

Anyways, before we knew it it was GO TIME! I told Irving to keep to the sides when we started or else we’d get trampled (since we were just walking it this year). But as soon as we started he took off running and it felt good.

The surge of energy lasted about .2 miles and then we began to walk, but at a brisk pace.  We held a steady 17 minute mile for almost all of it.
This picture is so funny because everything is in focus except for Irving. haha.


The miles were ticking by and we were chatting the day away. Irving grew up near San Francisco but we walked through parts he’d never seen before which was super fun.



I love San Francisco. If I do this race again, it is because you just can’t beat these views.


Oh, good morning Golden Gate Bridge! (There was ZERO fog!)


A little while later and we were at Mile 12! You know what that means? CHOCOLATE MILE!!!

Then we rounded the corner and headed to the finish! Here we come!

Crossed the finish line hand in hand! (Can’t wait for the Pro Pictures!) And got my Tiffany’s Necklace handed to me by a firefighter in a tux. Mmm Hmm! (Oh, Husband is with me, darn!) Jk! Kinda.

This was my 12th official half marathon (and 16th endurance race total). Whoop! Just Five more races needed towards my goal of completing 20 endurance races before I’m 30 goal!)




IMG_0580 IMG_0581

Here she is! [FRONT]


Let me just add that to my collection of Tiffany’s Race Jewelry. This makes my heart happy. I’m so proud of these.

The finisher’s shirt was pretty rocking this year. It’s a lightweight dri-fit and I love the yellow color. I actually don’t think I have a yellow drifit despite my huge collection.

Official time: 3:45:51 (average pace of 17:14)

Another 13.1 under my belt. done and done.


Disneyland Half Marathon ‘06 Race Recap September 2, 2011

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The Disneyland Half Marathon is this weekend! Good luck to all of this year’s runners!

I had this recap posted on my old website before I even had a blog, but now it’s time to share it! In honor of this weekend’s festivities, here’s my Disneyland Half-Marathon recap from 2006!

Originally posted on September 17, 2006

I was so excited, and nervous and anxious. I feel like I didn’t train enough, didn’t eat well enough… didn’t sleep enough. A combination of things was making me less and less confident that I was ready to run a half marathon race. I had my bags packed and ready to go, but it still hadn’t hit me that I was about to run 13 miles the next day. With two of my best running friends in my car, we headed off to Disneyland. It took us 2 hours to get there, because of traffic. I thought Alex was going to faint in the backseat because she was car sick. But finally, we got to our hotel.. the lovely Best Western right near the park.

n13002083_30383814_3611 n13002083_30383835_1095
We checked into the hotel and walked to the Convention Center to pick up our race bibs and see the Expo. Apparently there are two convention centers at Disney, and we went to the wrong one, but finally we got there. I thought the bibs were so cute! They even printed your name on the front, in addition to the race number. That’ll look great in the scrapbook. SPEAKING OF SCRAPBOOKS!!!! They were giving out free scrapbook paper that had the Disney Marathon Logo on them. Cool, huh? It was so perfect.



We got a few more things at the expo.. some samples of stuff. Chely bought a new pair of shoes because they were so cheap. Alex bought a new race jersey to have, and some Gold Mickey Ears!!!! I was too cheap to buy anything, but we did get a free long sleeve dri-fit shirt. (In the marathon world, this is like GOLD!!!) Its so cute! I love it.
n13002083_30383822_6464 IMG_4268 (Medium)

When the expo was over, we went back to the hotel to change before dinner. Then we headed over to Marri’s Pizza. I organized our reservation, and about 20 people ended up coming, it was great! It was some people I haven’t seen in a while, and some really good friends. So it was so much fun. We ate pasta and bread (Carbo Loading!!) We laughed and had fun. And I could feel some of my pre-race jitters disappearing already. I didn’t eat dairy or sugar for 2 days before the race, I had stretched and Iced my legs beforehand.. besides maybe running a few more miles a week, there was nothing more I could have done to train. I am ready to go!

IMG_4271 (Medium) n13002083_30383850_6477[5]

We tried to go to bed at 10pm because we had a 3:30am wake up call. I was too nervous, and didn’t get to sleep at all. I laid in bed all night and just tried to picture myself running and visualizing the race. Surprisingly, when 3:30am rolled around, I wasn’t tired at all. I was pumped. I took an Excedrin that had caffeine in it to give me a boost. I ate a banana and an English muffin with Peanut Butter. That’s all I needed. Our hotel offered free breakfast to runners at 4:15am. Everyone in our hotel was running, so it was fun to see people prepping.

DSCN0204 (Medium) DSCN0205 (Medium)

IMG_4280 (Medium)

DSCN0206 (Medium) IMG_4279 (Medium)

We walked to the starting line around 4:45am. They closed the gates down at 4:30.. so we had to bushwhack through the brush to get to our corral. They organize the people by pace group… and since I run a pretty slow marathon, I was in Corral D. (There was still a Corral E behind us, so at least I wasn’t in the SLOWEST group. Hee hee).  We stretched, and drank some water before it started. It was kind of cold, and pitch black out still. I had my marathon foil from last year’s Nike Marathon to keep me warm. It was perfect.

IMG_4282 (Medium) DSCN0209 (Medium)

Check out the Starting Line!

At 5:55am, they sang the national anthem. I was so far back that I couldn’t see anything. But just hearing the song gave me chills. I kept telling myself "you can do this, you can do this… its only a half marathon!"…. We’re all crazy… what sane person gets up at 3:30am to run a 13 mile race? Its just crazy.

It took us 12 minutes to cross the start line, and when we got there, Mickey and Minnie were there, all dressed up in running clothes. They waved us on. They had parked the Disney monorail above the start line, and some of the characters were waving to the runners from above. It was so amazing!!! I almost cried, I couldn’t believe I was a part of this!!!

IMG_4287 (Medium)

100_0333 (Medium)

I had my GPS watch on, and it was tracking our pace and distance. That was pretty neat to see. But I think it is a little too accurate, and each time we weaved in and out of the crowd, it was adding miles.. So it was off by a little bit, but still really neat to keep track.
Mile 1 came so quick, as it usually does. Only 12 more like that, and we’re done!!! We were being entertained by the runners who chose to dress up…we saw people dressed up as Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Tigger. Ursula… you name it, people were dressed up like it. Next year, we’ll have to think of something creative.

Mile 2 was in the California Adventure Park. The sun was starting to rise already, and we could see the day beginning. It was so beautiful. Its probably so rare to be the only one in Disneyland. They had all the rides going, but no tourists, or visitors… just the runners… and the characters. It was so cool!!!!! Every few yards were some of the Disney characters. They had staff there to take your picture with them along the way. We saw Aladdin, Buzz Light-year, A Bugs Life, Cars, Woody, Jack Sparrow, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Aurora (from sleeping beauty), Alice in Wonderland… It was so exciting!!!

100_0335 (Medium)

100_0337 (Medium)

DSCN0222 (Medium)

DSCN0223 (Medium)

DSCN0228 (Medium)

IMG_4291 (Medium)

IMG_4298 (Medium)

IMG_4301 (Medium)

Mile 3 was in Disneyland Park. Here, we saw some more Disney characters, and ran through Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It was so beautiful.

100_0336 (Medium) 

100_0342 (Medium)

100_0343 (Medium)

100_0347 (Medium)

IMG_4305 (Medium) IMG_4306 (Medium)


IMG_4310 (Medium)


Mile 4-8 was a Five- mile stretch on boring roads in Anaheim. There wasn’t too much action, not too many spectators, but they did have a TON of marching bands. Every mile or so, they had a band playing awesome music to pump us up. It went by surprisingly fast. One band played the Y-M-C-A and all the runners were doing it too. So fun. We ran past the Arrowhead Pond, which is wear the Anaheim Ducks play hockey. (Formerly the Mighty Ducks Stadium). They had the little league kids there cheering us on. It was so cute. They were so excited to cheer us on. I was feeling great, except for some minor pains in my feet and knees. The pain would switch off between my knees and feet. Its funny, because looking back, I didn’t even think twice about the pain… I just took on a "whatever it takes" attitude, and it didn’t hurt my game at all.

DSCN0237 (Medium)

DSCN0238 (Medium)

100_0351 (Medium)

DSCN0236 (Medium)

At Mile 9, we entered into Angel’s Stadium. We got to run the bases inside of the park!!! The chip in our shoes tells the race officials where the runners are, and when we rounded second base, the announcer on the loud speaker was yelling "AND HERE’S KELLEY, COMING AROUND THE BEND"… it was totally awesome. Around 3rd base, they had a camera man, and they were putting the runners on the JumboTron screen. It was so cool!!!

DSCN0243 (Medium)

100_0355 (Medium)

IMG_4325 (Medium)

IMG_4329 (Medium)

Mile 10-12 was fun because we knew we were almost done. We ran a little bit on the freeway, and then back to the streets of Anaheim. I was feeling great. I was eating power bars here and there, we were eating our salt packets. I was drinking my sports drink and water… I cant believe how we were doing. Chely, Alex and I stayed together from the beginning to the end. I was so happy!!!

DSCN0245 (Medium) 100_0349 (Medium)IMG_4313 (Medium)

100_0352 (Medium)

IMG_4334 (Medium)

Once we past mile 12, we thought we were closer than we actually were, so we decided to screw it and just run the last mile in fast. We started sprinting, and dodging people, and running so fast. We were like "Where the heck is the finish line?" We rounded the corner into Downtown Disney, and we could see people who had already finished walking around with their medals on. We were so determined to get it done with and we kept going FINALLY, we could see the finish line, and all three of us came in together. It was the most amazing experience of my life. We finished in 3 hours and 12 minutes. When we were done, I was just like "that’s it?" I wasn’t really that tired or out of it. It was this calm feeling of accomplishment. I feel like it was an out of body experience. I was so proud!!!

Watch Me Cross the Finish Line Here!




We got our medals (WHICH ARE AMAZING!!!!!) and we got our Foil Blankets, and then we waited in line to take pictures. (I hope they come out good!) Then we got some post race food (oranges and bagels.) and got a massage. It felt soooo good!!! My GPS watch said that I burned 2,100 calories… hmm. I wonder if that’s right.

DSCN0252 (Medium)

IMG_4337 (Medium)

Anyways, as we were waiting in line for a massage, some guy came around giving out box lunches, so we got cookies, and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. They were sooo good!!!! Then we had a SLOW walk back to the hotel to shower and change.

As we were headed back to LA, we stopped at In-And-Out, where I had the best tasting Double-Double of my entire life. MMMmmmm!!


It was the Perfect race, and it really was the "Happiest Race on Earth".


New B.A.A Rules February 16, 2011

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I’m sure all the crazy runners have already heard, but news exploded this morning when the B.A.A. announced it’s new qualifying standards and entry process into the 2012 and 2013 Boston Marathons.

For the 2012 Boston Marathon, the faster you run, the earlier you can register. Even if you qualify, you might not get in because the people who run faster than the qualifying get first dibs.

And for the 2013 race, they are making the qualifying times even tougher by requiring everyone to finish five minutes faster than in the past.

I personally don’t have a problem with this. It’s an elite race that caters to the world’s greatest runners. That’s the allure of it. As a spectator, you know it’s going to be exciting, fast and emotional. As a runner, you know you’re running the world’s oldest official marathon race and there is history on the pavement you’re pounding.

Let me be clear — I love fast runners. I admire them. I like to watch them run. I am amazed at how athletes bodies  push through the unimaginable.  I am glad that Boston has tight standards, and I’m jealous of the people who CAN and DO qualify. I’m genuinely happy for them. They deserve it.

My problem comes with the comments of people on blogs, newspaper and facebook posts about this. They are just mean and narrow minded. And they attack the charity runners….which makes me MAD.

Some of the Comments From the BAA Facebook Page:
“As far as charity runners go, make them qualify as well. Charities are great but Boston is different than every other marathon and everyone shouldn’t be able to run it.”

“Drop the non time qualifying runners and get back to it being about time –not who donated money to whoever!!!”

Ok… first of all, I understand Boston is different, which is the draw for a lot of people. I understand that people are mad. But the BAA Charity teams raise MILLIONS of dollars for excellent causes. I hope whoever wrote those comments never gets cancer and needs the help of the hospitals and clinics who benefit from this money. If they made charity runners qualify, they wouldn’t come CLOSE to raising the funds that they do.

Secondly, If you’re a fast runner and you qualified. Why do you care if I didn’t? I’m going to be three hours behind you anyways. I understand that you think I’m taking up a spot that a qualifier didn’t get, but those slots are allotted ahead of time. Boston has increased the field to ADD charity runners, not take away from the original qualifying spots.

If you want to run an elite race with NO charity or slower runners, run this race. There you go. In order to run, you have to qualify. The end.

The money that is raised through Boston’s charity program saves thousands of lives. I wish people would see the bigger picture.

I have another solution too… why not hold another marathon in Boston? Not THE Boston Marathon, but just another marathon, maybe one that has a different route? I’d totally run it. Running in Boston is exciting. For a lot of us slower runners, I’m sure we’d love to have another option to run a full marathon in that city.

So all you faster runners, stop picking on the charity runners. We trained hard AND raised money at the same time.

Runners are generally generous, understanding and social people. Why does this Boston debate bring out the worst in people year after year? Maybe I’m just taking this too personally. But I just feel that I (as a charity runner) shouldn’t be the scapegoat here.


For my Boston Marathon Recap, click here!


Surf City Half Marathon Recap February 6, 2011

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This morning, I ran my 11th half marathon. Add that to my other 3 full marathons and that brings me up to Race # 14 in my quest to run 20 endurance races before I’m 30. I still have three more years, so looks like it will be an easy goal to achieve!

As I said yesterday, I was not really ready to run today. My head was a mess and I woke up pretty tired this morning. Luckily I had everything laid out the night before so I didn’t have to think much this morning.

Last night, one of my friends told me to go out there, thank the volunteers and run because running makes one feel human again. That was really good advice, exactly what I needed.

It took me an hour to drive and park in Huntington Beach. But the parking was easy and free so I can’t really complain. I listened to NPR and tried to ignore the fact that I’d be running 13.1 miles in an hour. Worked like a charm! I met up with my friend Valerie first thing. She picked up my bib yesterday for me. Thank you!!!!

From her hotel room, we could see the crowds starting to line up along the coast. The sky was overcast, perfect for running.

I thought it would be chilly by the beach, so I wanted to test out my Asics arm warmers that Santa brought this year!

I decided at the last minute not to wear them in case it got too hot. I rather be cold than hot.

I love when races let you customize your bibs. Mine said Kelocity!!

The corrals were lined up according to pace. It took us a while to find our area. 20,000 runners is a lot of people to weave through!

We inched closer and closer to the start line. I was in complete denial that I would be running soon. I stretched out a bit and finally it was our turn to go!

Valerie and I decided to try to run together as long as possible. We settled on 5:5 intervals to make sure we didn’t burn out. The run felt really easy, but I was afraid I’d jinx it if I got too comfortable.

Valerie is a great running partner. We have the same pace and she always has something motivating to say.

The miles were flying by. I barely looked at my watch, I felt like I was floating along.

On paper, the course is pretty boring, just an out and back with one deviation. But I have to say, I LOVED it. It was so simple and everyone was there was enjoying it for what it was. No bands, no gimmicks, no distractions.

There was an abundance of water stations, which was nice. They also served Vitalyte, but I don’t drink that, so I used my own Cytomax instead. They also had Sharkies at two points on the course, and I declined those too.

I kept seeing this girl, I loved her shirt. It says “Follow your heart, but run with your soul.” It was fitting for me today. I was there to do something healthy for myself—both physically and mentally.

Around Mile 7, Valerie and I split off and I turned my IPod on and ran my heart out. I cranked the music really loud and let my mind wander.  I really felt like I was floating along. My legs felt light and strong and I was busting out those miles one by one. No shin splints, no knee pain, no tight hips. It was the type of run you dream about.

During the last few miles, the sun came out. Normally, I hate running in the heat. (I hate the heat in general, I really don’t belong in Southern California). But today, I just felt the rays on my face and looked at the ocean sparkling next to me. There is a lot in this world to be grateful for.

Around Mile 11.5, I saw the 2:45 pacer. He was way up ahead of me at one point, and I caught with him and then PASSED him! That’s never happened before!

The last mile I started to get a little tired. I wanted to walk, but I kept pushing through. I was counting down the minutes in my head. I think I passed five or six people in the last .2 miles. (Sorry if I ruined your finish line photos!)

Although I was happy to be done, I really felt like I had another three miles in me. I didn’t care to find out for sure though. lol

The finish line area was pretty organized, but it took a while to get through. They gave out goodie bags of snacks (which is nice so you don’t have to carry all your stuff separately.

They also had a Beer Garden which allowed for two free beers, but that didn’t sound like the best idea at 11am with an hour drive ahead of me!

The medal is really cute. It’s a surf board!

I finished in  2:46 which is my second best time ever. Given my attitude going into this race, I am extremely proud of myself. It really does prove that sometimes you just need a good run to make things right in the world again—or at least in my soul.

My Stats

Total Time: 2:46
Average Pace: 12:42
Interval: 5:5

Mile 1 – 12:11
Mile 2 – 12:26
Mile 3 – 13:12
Mile 4 – 12:47
Mile 5 – 12:35
Mile 6 – 12:26
Mile 7 – 13:06
Mile 8 – 12:51
Mile 9 – 12:17
Mile 10 – 12:43
Mile 11 – 13:19
Mile 12 – 12:01  <— Fastest mile!!
Mile 13 – 12:16
Mile 13.1 – 11:20


I spent the rest of the day at a fun superbowl party. There was lots of buffalo chicken dip, guacamole and random other things consumed. It’s safe to say I am no longer in my calorie deficit for the day. #1 reason why I love running.


And since I don’t like football, I took pictures of myself (when I wasn’t eating, obviously!)

It’s only 8pm and I’m already to go to bed. I’m wiped!


Half Marathon #11 Completed!

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I had an amazing run this morning in the Surf City Half Marathon. One of the best races I’ve ever had. Full recap coming after the Superbowl. I didn’t burn 1400 calories this morning for nothing! Bring on the Buffalo Chicken Dip!



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