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In Anticipation of Christmas! November 16, 2010

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Whew! That was two full weeks of travel, exploring and adventure, but I am definitely happy to be home. Here’s a round up of what we’ve been doing since we got back.

This week, Irving and I geared up for our annual Christmas present game (we like games). A few years back, I came up with an idea to make Christmas shopping more fun and meaningful. We came up with about 100 adjectives (things like ‘Something Red’, ‘Starts with an R’, ‘Batteries not included’, etc.) And we put each thing in a bag and randomly pull out five cards. Then we have to buy gifts using three of the five cards for the other person.

This year, we flipped a coin (from Dubai) to find out who got to pick first…

Ready for the coin toss..
IMG_1978 IMG_1981

Tails! I go first!

Have to make sure you pick a good one!

Yes! That one is a winner! (But the cards are top secret, so I can’t reveal to you just yet which ones I picked since Irving reads the blog!)

Irving’s turn…

I think I got good ones… stay tuned after Christmas to see how it all turned out!

On Sunday, I went over to see Ashley’s new baby, Hudson! He’s adorable, I can’t believe he’s here!

Then Erika and Timmy and Irving and I went to Honey Kettle for lunch.

Dipping sauces required.

Last night, my friend Janet came over to teach me how to make real tea. I picked up this amazing tea from the Dubai Spice Market and I was dying to brew a cup.


We heated up the water in my Keurig machine…

And Janet brought her teapot to share.

It was a DELICIOUS cup of tea! (Thanks Janet!)

Tonight, Irving and I made grilled chicken sandwiches!

With all the fixins’.

Mmm Steamed Veggies! I was CRAVING these!

We dined next to the beautiful flowers Irving bought for me this weekend!

We’re also loving these alabaster tea light holders we got in Cairo. They are so pretty when they glow.

Whew, that was a long one! Stay tuned this week for another round of the Arabian Contest!


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  1. MIkaela Says:

    hudson is so cute! & i love that idea for christmas gifts…thats fun! 🙂 chris just bought me flowers while i was moving cuz my place was looking depressing lol i love getting flowers

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