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Hood to Coast! January 17, 2011

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This week, the documentary film Hood to Coast came to theaters for a one night exclusive event.

We ventured into Burbank to see it. It was fun sitting in the theater with lots of other runners!


It’s a film about the ‘Hood to Coast’ race that takes place in August every year in Oregon. It’s a 197 mile relay race made up of teams of 12.

The movie documents four teams on their journey from training to finishing. Some of it was funny, some of it was really sad, but most of it was raw emotion that takes over the body after sleep deprivation and physical exhaustion takes over. I just love watching people run. The way the body sustains the same movement over and over intrigues me. I think I look like a tensed up angry runner when I’m out there, so I like to watch the gracefulness of a seasoned athlete.

SIDE NOTE: When the teams switch out, instead of passing a baton, they use a slap bracelet!!! I kinda want to do this race just for that! Do they even make those anymore?

Some of the runners were elite Olympians, one man had even won the Boston and New York City marathons before.

But other runners were just there to say they did it. They didn’t train much and weren’t very prepared, and that was the most fun to watch. They agonized over running hills and contemplated what foods they probably should or shouldn’t be eating. It was that uncensored look into the mind of a runner.

It was the perfect movie to get my psyched up for the Phoenix Half Marathon this weekend. I’m not really prepared (mentally or physically) but I’m pretty darn excited! I recommend Hood to Coast for any runner who loves to watch running movies. 🙂


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  1. E.J. Says:

    We went to see it on Tuesday too!!! And we totally want to do it now! I’m a little worried that it’s difficult to win the lottery and get in, but I soooo want to do it!

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