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Collection of Medals January 20, 2011

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I love my new medal! It’s my first Rock N’ Roll medal!

Last night, I added it to my collection! It’s looking a little crowded in there now!

When I started running five years ago, I made this medal holder for myself. I hadn’t seen anything like it online, so I bought the wood and the pegs and painted it all together. Back then, three pegs seemed like enough! I never dreamed I’d still be running.

I let Irving put his medals on my hanger too, but now I think he might have to find another place for his. (No offense, Irving, but I have more than you. I need more room!)


At the expo, I was drooling over these beautiful handmade hangers. Look at all those hooks!


Anyone know of any great races on the west coast in march/april/may?


4 Responses to “Collection of Medals”

  1. Diana Says:

    Now as far as races and west coast do you mean Cali or does my state count? April has the Lake Havasu half. Or you can do a killer one in May in Prescott.

    May has that lovely one that SR did a review on the one you get a sombrero medal:)

    You and Irving should totally come out to Vegas and do the Hoover half with me and a bunch of awesome peeps. Its my 100 birthday run (or 39 again).

    • Kelocity Says:

      oh thanks!! I might look into that Lake Havasu one. We love it out there! Hoover half sounds fun too. I’ll research it! That would be fun!

  2. Diana Says:

    i know dont you just love those medal hangers?!! I put mine on my door knob now. I dont know how people can just put them in a drawer. I still have mine on the counter now. i touch it daily.. like its a budda or something 😉

    cheesy yup i know!

    Nice medal holder you made! you should sell them!

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