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Blogging Event: Salonpas and Kathy Kaehler! January 29, 2011

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Today I was invited to join other Los Angeles bloggers for a “Be Fit and Pain Free in 2011”  event hosted by Kathy Kaehler and sponsored by Salonpas

It was exciting to meet Kathy. She trains lots of celebrities (Julia Roberts, Kim Kardashian and Denise Richards).

It was held in a private community up the valley. The area was gorgeous and there were lots of horses and dogs out and about. Once I got to the event, it was fun to meet the other bloggers and their guests. Lots of chatting and mingling. It’s so fun to meet new people. My guest was the lovely Erin. Thanks for coming, Erin!

I got to hang out with Mrs. SkinnyRunner again!

The room was set up with all kinds of basic workout equipment. Kathy wanted to teach us moves that we can easily do at home.

IMG_3243 IMG_3238  

Kathy Started off introducing the different stations of the circuit for the workout.

We did 1 minute of each of these (x3):

  • Step Ups with High Knees
  • Bicep Curls with Bands
  • Chair Sits
  • Plank
  • High Step Ups
  • Tricep Dips
  • Trampoline Jumping (my favorite!)
  • Leg slides
  • Lateral Raises
  • Squats

Not only was it a nice workout, it was fun to socialize as we did it. Lots of inspiring bloggers out there!


The Trampoline was the BEST! Kathy told us that jumping is one of the best ways to flush out your lymphatic system (so if you have a cold coming on, hit the trampoline!)
IMG_3268 IMG_3267

Jump, Jump Jump! It was so fun to feel like a little kid!


After the workout session, we gathered around to talk about blogging, fitness and over all healthy living.

It was great to hear Kathy’s approach in regards to physical fitness. She emphasized that you only get one body. No trade-ins or replacements. It’s important to exercise and fuel our bodies properly to make them go the long haul. We also talked about the power of blogging and how great is to have a community of like-minded, supportive people to share ideas with.

For participating, we each got goodie bags filled with products to help in being Fit and Pain Free in 2011. Along with some of Kathy’s products, we got face masks, makeup, a giftcard and quite a few samples of Salonpas.

The circuit workout today was low impact (which was great for my shin splints). It was refreshing to do a workout that didn’t include running. But when I got home, I whipped open one of the Salonpas packets. Each one contains three patches, so now I’m pretty well stocked (YES!) I slapped one right on that darn shin splint. It feels so good. It has menthol in it, so it’s cool and tingly a little bit. I also found out today that they contain a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug too, so a little bit of that gets into your body. It’s basically doing the job of a topical relief in addition to Advil.Maybe that’s why it works so well.

I’ve had it on for almost two hours now and even while I’m typing this post, I can still feel it working. I think I might leave it there all day and see how it feels tonight when I stretch it out.

Thank you so much to Salonpas and Kathy for inviting me to the event. I had a great time. And now I have a bunch of brand new blogs to follow too!

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This great event was provided to us by Hisamitsu for purposes of providing a review.


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  1. Amanda Says:

    Great meeting you!!! It was a fun workout! 🙂

  2. Rose Says:

    It was great meeting you! I had a lot of fun.

  3. Sana Says:

    I would love to go to a group blogger workout! So fun!

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