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Monday Yoga January 31, 2011

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I’ve never really enjoyed Yoga. I’m not the ‘slow down, breathe deep and close your eyes’ type of girl. I prefer to go outside and run with loud music. It’s just who I am. Perhaps I’m naïve and don’t fully appreciate the peace that Yoga can bring to mind and body. I feel like I’m going to offend the blog world by admitting I Just. Don’t. Like. It. But there, I said it. I bought a three-class pass, and I still have one more left.

Tonight’s class was called ‘Shadow Yoga’. The description of the class is:

Shadow Yoga is a modern school of yoga rooted in classical Hatha yoga. This is a slow-moving class, exploring basic poses and breath work. It combines traditional yoga, martial arts and Ayurvedic healing. This class helps to release our "shadows" where we are blocked or stuck in emotional, energetic or behavioral patterns. This is an awesome class. Everyone welcome.

There was a lot of slow movements and long poses. It definitely loosened up some tight muscles I had, but I was pretty bored. It frustrates me. Instead of feeling strong and empowered, I feel weak and defeated because I can’t hold some of the poses everyone else can. Then my eyes just start wandering around the room waiting for inspiration to strike me. My favorite part was the last ten minutes. All the lights go out and we lay down in total darkness. It felt nice to lay down, close my eyes, and know that there is nothing else I had to do in those ten minutes. No guilt. No pressure. No to-do list. Just relaxing. That part was nice. Letting go of guilt is something we could all use.

I know, I’m a self-proclaimed Yoga Pessimist. All in all, this class really wasn’t for me, and it made me appreciate the Lo-Flo class from the other night. I might go back again and do that one soon. People tell me that the more you do Yoga, the more you like it. Maybe that’s the case, I’ll let you know if I change my mind after one more class.

The highlight of the evening was taking the class with two of my favorite People! Janet and Chely! It was so nice to see them all together again. We’re all Team in Training Alumni. Friends who run and do yoga together, stay together.



In other news, I’ve been working on updating some of my pages within the blog. Check out the Traveling Gnome page!


3 Responses to “Monday Yoga”

  1. Caroline Says:

    I actually love Yoga but I am terrible at it. I am so not flexible and lack strength…just about everywhere! But I do love to do it…or I should say try to do it!

    I have been trying to do a little bit of cross-training this time instead of just running. I think it has helped.

  2. I feel ya on the entire yoga thing. I get bored and a little discouraged because I feel like my muscles aren’t strong enough to just HOLD a pose for thirteen hours. 🙂 Awesome that your friends were there though! But I AM feelin’ the last ten minutes of just laying there… haha.

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