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Mountains of Snow! February 1, 2011

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This morning, I tried to get a bit of upper body strength in. I put on the Today Show and got down to business with my 5lb weights:

  • Rows 15×2 each
  • Bicep Curls 15 x2
  • Overhead Tricep Dips 15 x 2
  • Pushups (girl style) x 20
  • Chest Press 15×2
  • Crunches x 50

The big story on the news today is all that snow the east coast is being pounded with. I just can’t believe all the bad weather they got over there this year. It’s already February and they are expecting another two feet of snow by tomorrow! The reporters keep talking about all the freezing temperatures across the country… and then they show LA and it’s 72, 74, 75, sunny, sunny, sunny. We live in a bubble out here.

My mom told me she can’t see her neighbors over the snowbanks, they just hold up their shovels and wave to each other that way. Hopefully they have an amazing spring and summer to make up for all this white stufff!

Me and my parents (circa 1986)

The Today Show screwed up today and they left Al’s microphone on too long and we could hear him saying “What? What should I say next? Who do I toss this next segment to? Matt?” I always think this is hilarious when it happens because I used to work in a newsroom. Anyways, happy Tuesday!


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  1. Caroline Says:

    I am so glad to live somewhere that does not get 2 feet of snow! 🙂

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