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The Next Race: Ragnar Relay! February 8, 2011

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I can’t believe how good I still feel after Sunday’s race. My ankles are a little stiff, but other than that, I feel great. I’ve been stretching, icing and foam rolling to help in the recovery. Maybe I am getting the hang of this whole running thing after all!

I’m officially registered for the next race… The Southern California Ragnar Relay!

It’s a two day event where teams of 12 run 200 miles to the finish line. Each person runs three legs ranging from 3-10 miles each. When all is said and done, each person runs an average of 14 miles (so I will be counting this towards my quest to do 20 endurance races before I’m 30!). I only know one other person on my team, so I’m excited to meet new people, camp out in a van for two days and RUN!

Ever since I saw ‘Hood to Coast’ I’ve been excited about this event.

A relay race has been on my bucket list for a few years, and the timing is great, so why not! We need a great team name… any suggestions?



4 Responses to “The Next Race: Ragnar Relay!”

  1. Lizzy Says:

    I have always wanted to do a relay and that looks so FUN!

  2. E.J. Says:

    How did you find a team that was already formed? I want to do a relay!

  3. Janie Says:

    bucket brigade (if the others in the team have this on their bucket list), rags to riches, splint shredders…

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