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Squeezing it in! March 31, 2011

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I went to a health seminar yesterday that was about ‘living a healthier life’. A lot of it was information I already knew, but sometimes it’s a nice refresher to learn why it’s important and pick up a few new tricks. The theme of the class was ‘everything in moderation’, and ‘move your body more’. Duh, rocket science, right?

A few easy ways to move more:

  • Whenever you go up or down a flight of stairs, turn around and go up and down again before moving on
  • When you’re on the phone, pace back and forth (Irving does this and easily walks a few extra miles a day (seriously, he wears a pedometer to prove it)!
  • When you’re washing dishes, do leg lifts or calf raises
  • Walk whenever you can!


All that info motivated me, and when I got home from work, I turned around to go for a run! I intended to do a 5K, but when I got back and mapped it, it turned out to only be 2.6 miles. But hey, I moved, right? It felt so great. There were so many people outside last night! Everyone is enjoying the longer days I think.

One thing I learned while running: Green Day has the BEST songs for keeping a steady pace. All their songs have the perfect tempo for my running speed. It keeps me going!

I blame the warmer temps, but it was H-O-T!


Only one thing sounded refreshing:

Shocktop with Fresh Oranges! Delish! (Opened with my new Contiki bottle opener! Sweet!)


We had some baked Ravioli for dinner (another reason why I wanted to run!)


The bunnies guarded my beer. Mmm!

The sunset was GORGEOUS last night. The sky was a bright pink color, so nice!


PS… Those endorphins are TOTALLY kicking in. It feels so good to sweat a little!


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  1. Monica Says:

    Oh I miss exercise endorphins! I am hoping to return to normal activity tomorrow and can’t wait.

    Beer after a great run is seriously so refreshing. Yum yum!

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