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Wordless Italian Dinner July 6, 2011

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Two words: Where’s Dessert?


Squeezing it in! March 31, 2011

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I went to a health seminar yesterday that was about ‘living a healthier life’. A lot of it was information I already knew, but sometimes it’s a nice refresher to learn why it’s important and pick up a few new tricks. The theme of the class was ‘everything in moderation’, and ‘move your body more’. Duh, rocket science, right?

A few easy ways to move more:

  • Whenever you go up or down a flight of stairs, turn around and go up and down again before moving on
  • When you’re on the phone, pace back and forth (Irving does this and easily walks a few extra miles a day (seriously, he wears a pedometer to prove it)!
  • When you’re washing dishes, do leg lifts or calf raises
  • Walk whenever you can!


All that info motivated me, and when I got home from work, I turned around to go for a run! I intended to do a 5K, but when I got back and mapped it, it turned out to only be 2.6 miles. But hey, I moved, right? It felt so great. There were so many people outside last night! Everyone is enjoying the longer days I think.

One thing I learned while running: Green Day has the BEST songs for keeping a steady pace. All their songs have the perfect tempo for my running speed. It keeps me going!

I blame the warmer temps, but it was H-O-T!


Only one thing sounded refreshing:

Shocktop with Fresh Oranges! Delish! (Opened with my new Contiki bottle opener! Sweet!)


We had some baked Ravioli for dinner (another reason why I wanted to run!)


The bunnies guarded my beer. Mmm!

The sunset was GORGEOUS last night. The sky was a bright pink color, so nice!


PS… Those endorphins are TOTALLY kicking in. It feels so good to sweat a little!


Cooking Challenge Day 4 September 21, 2010

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Tonight, I paired a simple meal with a somewhat harder side dish.

We had good old fashioned fettuccini! (This was the refrigerated kind, not the box kind, so that makes it more gourmet, no?)

And hey, there’s a sprig of Parsley in there…gourmet indeed!

On the side, a new soup from Harry & David. We bought a sampler pack when we were in Vegas a few weeks ago.

Tonight’s was the Tuscan Bean.

It was really thick and juicy. You have to add diced tomatoes, chicken and some other things to it. It was almost like a stew. Yum.


And it was all paired with some Trader Joes Garlic bread… because we just love our carbs.

Buon Appetito!


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