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4 Miles. Boom! April 10, 2011

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The Ragnar Relay is just five days away! I definitely don’t want to have ‘dead legs’ (which sometimes happens to me when I don’t run for a few days), so this week, I want to make sure I do a couple of miles each day. Not too much, but just enough to get the blood moving and my legs ready.

This morning I had a banana and some peanut butter and headed out the door. It was PERFECT weather, low 50s, cool breeze. Ideal for running, although it did warm up towards the end.

I had trance music pumping through my ipod (Fun Fact: I love Trance and Techno music!) and I just enjoyed the run.

While Running, I….

…ran past Warner Brothers Studios (I love living in LA!) and I saw a poster for the 40th Anniversary DVD release of A Clockwork Orange. Wow, 40 years? It’s a strange movie, but I really liked it!

…freaked out when I thought a pit bull was chasing me (it turned out to just be a white lab who wanted to play).

…realized that I really like the dresses the lady in the T-Mobile billboards is wearing.
Tmobile_billboard 6i8b3stmobile

In the end, I ran a little over four miles, but I stopped the Garmin right at 4.00 because I really like round numbers.

I really felt like I could have run another 3-4 miles, but I was happy to finish strong knowing I had more in the tank. I hope that’s the case next week during the race too!

YAY Sweat! Ew!

I was excited to try some Coconut Water today. I hear the electrolytes in it help hydrate you better than water can. And I love all things coconut, so I thought I would love it.

Turns out, not so much. It had a strange smell that I couldn’t get over. I drank half and gave the rest to Irving. So sad, I really wanted to love it.


Maybe I’d like it better if it was served out of an actual coconut with a straw. Yes. This looks much better.


Have a great Sunday!


4 Responses to “4 Miles. Boom!”

  1. Monica Says:

    Great run! I like to dilute my coconut water down by just adding it to a bottle of water. I notice such a difference in my recovery when I rehydrate with the stuff, but agree that the taste can be strong on its own.

  2. I love coconut water! Definitely one of my favorite post workout drinks! Can’t wait to hear about Ragner!

  3. chely Says:

    Don’t give up on the coconut water unless you’ve tried other brands or some of the flavored versions. VitaCoco Pineapple is my favorite and Naked Foods plain is good, too. I actually used coconut water during the 2010 LAM.

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