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I Golfed 18 Holes! May 2, 2011

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First of all, is ‘golfed’ a word? Doesn’t that sound funny?

Sunday, Irving and I drove two hours to Temecula to golf with Jake and Janie. It was another perfect day in Southern California. If they keep giving us days like these, we are never going to leave! I rarely golf, and have never actually finished 18 holes before. But this weekend I did and it was awesome!

But let’s back up. Before I played, Irving played 18 holes on his own first!

While he golfed…

I got to drive the golfcart and read my favorite magazine!

Eeek! The only bad thing about livin’ in the southwest:


He had a great round (that included a lunch stop at the 9th stop). Mmm!

Then it was my turn to play too! I came prepared.

We had a fivesome: Irving, me, Jake, Janie and Janie’s Dad!


I played all 18 holes without complaining. And I actually really enjoyed it. I hit a lot of great shots (and every shot except for 1 went straight where I wanted it to go. YAY!) But by the 18th hole, I was happy to be done. I think golf courses should be 14 holes. That would be perfect.


And every time I see a golf course, I can’t help but wonder how nice it would be to spread out a blanket, have a picnic and read a book all afternoon on the greens. This grass is just BEGGING to be laid on! But I resisted.

It was a lovely day with family, the perfect Sunday.


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  1. So many sports-related events lately! I am impressed that you golfed 18 holes. I get bored doing that many in mini-golf!

  2. Janie and Jake Says:

    We always have so much fun hanging out with you guys! See you on Saturday and thanks for the Reader’s Digest!

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