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Pretending to be a Grown Up May 6, 2011

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I got out of work early today and when I left I was full of energy and ready to take on the world. It was only 1pm. I could run, blog, watch TV, eat… anything really! But then reality set in. I didn’t have a free afternoon at all! Just a long list of errands to run. Oh well, at least it frees my weekend up right?

  1. Clean out Rosie so she (not me) can vacuum my whole house. SCORE!
  2. Donate a few bags of stuff to Goodwill (actually, it wasn’t Goodwill, but a store just like it)
  3. Bring our bottles, glass and paper to the recycling center
  4. Get gas at Costco
  5. Pick up a few things at Target
  6. Go to Lens Crafters and have them fix my sunglasses that literally just broke today
  7. Quick grocery shop trip at Fresh & Easy
  8. Make a Meal Plan for the week
  9. Change out our air filter (it’s AC season in Los Angeles. Ew).
    The old one is on the left and the new one is on the right. Gross, huh?

Not bad for a Friday, right? I came home at 4pm and made a PB&J sandwich – with pickles, obviously!

I may have had an afternoon of being a grown up, but I can still enjoy kid meals like this!


Did you know VOSS has sparkling water? I scored this for free and wouldn’t pay such an insane amount for water, but man, this was GOOD water!

Now I can officially celebrate the WEEKEND!