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Things I Love… May 10, 2011

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Pineapple/Coconut Juice
This lovely taste of heaven is 100% juice. I feel like I’m on a tropical island when I drink it. It’s sweet and refreshing. Not easy on the calorie scale, but it tastes like dessert anyways, so why not, right? I’ve been having it in place of dessert this week. So I guess it evens out.

One Pan Meals
As I said before, we don’t “cook”, we “assemble”. And one-pan meals make it happen. I love a good stirfry with easy cleanup.

Candles that Smell like Cupcakes

Fun Socks
It’s rare that I wear socks that aren’t dri-fit, so when I do, I enjoy being cozy in them!
I’ve had these since High School!

His & Hers
Beer and Root Beer

Coming home to vacuumed floors…
…that the Roomba vacuumed for you! Winning!


What are you loving so far this week?


8 Responses to “Things I Love…”

  1. Here’s a trick I have for drinking juice when I want the flavor but not the calories — do 1/3 juice, 2/3 seltzer. Seriously, it’s even better!

    • Kelley Says:

      That’s a good idea. I do that with apple juice some times. I rarely drink juice, but I enjoy it when I do. 🙂

  2. Rose Says:

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed some of that juice. YUM.

  3. I seriously need a roomba! I hate vacuuming and would LOVE to come home to clean floors.

  4. Francisco Says:

    Hey Kelocity! I just came across your blog in the DFMC 2010 blogroll (I was on the team the same year you were). Why aren’t your running sneakers on the things you love? 😉

  5. I could certainly use more a more positive attitude this week! Let’s see… this week, I’m loving the fact that I was able to buy hemp milk at 2/$5! =D

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