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Day 3–30 Day Challenge May 12, 2011

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May I present Day 3 of the 30 day blogging challenge!


This is kind of a strange topic for a blog post, but here it is! My views on drugs and alcohol.

Drugs are bad, kids. Just don’t do it.

And while we’re at it, let me just say publicly that I can not STAND cigarettes. The smell is repulsive. Gross. There is nothing worse than going out for a run and coming across a thick cloud of cancer-stick smoke.


Regarding alcohol, though I’m not a very big drinker, once in a while, I do enjoy a good beer, sweet cocktail or a glass or two of wine.
Iceland - 2009 (224)
Blue Lagoon Cocktails in Iceland on our Honeymoon!

I definitely don’t need alcohol to have a good time (I never have). I have a pretty low tolerance, so I prefer to stay cohesive and not risk getting sick the next day. (Oh man, those days are DEFINITELY over). We are notorious for opening a bottle of wine and leaving it half empty in the fridge for weeks. But it is fun to have a great beer on tap, or a crisp glass of Riesling, so when the situation is right, I’ll indulge. (And have no qualms about doing so).

I really don’t have a moral stance on alcohol one way or another. I just know what my own limits are and choose to stay within them.

Plus, let’s face it, root beer beats regular beer in a taste test any day!

Would you rather have a beer or a rootbeer on tap?
I’d choose Root Beer for sure. Especially over icecream. Mmmm!

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4 Responses to “Day 3–30 Day Challenge”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I’d rather have rootberr but only if you put some ice cream in it.

  2. You know me – I LOVES me a good beer! I think the only way I would choose soda over beer on tap is if I was in a bar that only served Miller Lite 😛

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