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Eagle Rock Brewery: Girl’s Night May 18, 2011

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Ok, I admit. Having a post about going to a brewery slightly contradicts my “I don’t really drink” post a few days ago. But like I said, I don’t need to drink, and when I do I definitely don’t overdo it. This was a beer tasting event, and that’s just what we did. Tasted some really amazing beers.

The Eagle Rock Brewery in Glendale hosts monthly events just for women. Each night has a theme and last night was ‘Bieres De Champagne”. It was a sampling of sparking beers that could almost pass as…. champagne!


I went with some of my favorite bloggers, Kaitlin and Katherine!

I made sure to represent with my nametag. Hello, my name is !



They went through each beer, one at a time and described how they make it, why they like it and what it should taste like. This was very fun for me since I know nothing about beer.



The first one was Deus from Belgium. This one was sweet, they told us to look for hints of honey, and they were definitely there. I really liked it.


Plus beer that comes in wine bottles is fun. I’d never seen that before. Is it common?


The second one was Maltose Falcons Brut that was made by a homebrew club in Woodland Hills. It was FABULOUS. My favorite of the night for sure. It had a lot of flavors that really did dance around my mouth. I never really knew what people meant when they say that, but this one definitely did.


The third was Lifemans Cuvee-Brut from Belgium and it tasted like grape soda (in a good way). Maybe like an Italian soda. The good kind. It was so sweet.


And lastly, we had the Malheur Brut Noir from Belgium. They said that there was “chocolate in the nose”. If you focused really hard, that was definitely there. I don’t usually like dark beer, but this one was different. It was delicious.


The tasting room was a lot of fun, I’d definitely go back to try some new ones.


It was a fun night out with the girls and I really enjoyed trying some beers that I’d probably never think to order in a restaurant or a bar. But maybe now I’ll actually read the descriptions on the menus and choose something fun next time.

Katherine sent us home with a bag of four of her Ah-Mazing macaroons. Seriously, these things are like crack. There’s a reason one of them is now missing from the picture….


Ok, that was a lie. They are all now missing. I don’t know where they went. Don’t look at me!


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  1. Lizzy Says:

    Looks like such a fun time!!! I have never been to a beer tasting like that at a brewery.

  2. Woohoo! Fun night! Oh and yea, my macaroons are all gone now too….

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