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Keeping the Momentum Going! May 26, 2011

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I’m making a commitment to walking everyday. With my new health coach, pedometer, runkeeper and Chic Runner’s 40 Day Challenge, I really am psyched to get out and walk every day.

Erika lives 1 mile from my house, so instead of driving over there to say hi, I walked there. Then we went on a walk together, and then I walked home.  I can’t even believe it was four miles total, it was fun to chat. And when I was by myself, I read more blogs.


Walking really isn’t that hard when you can commit to it and enjoy it!

When I got home, I had another bowl of Irving’s AMAZING chicken soup. Oh man, those carrots and those parsnips. I wish you could taste it!

Tonight, I’m going to continue to back my computer up. I’m preparing to completely redo my system and start with a clean slate. I put so much crap on it, it was starting to slow down a lot. I have a LOT of files to transfer first though. Ugh!


2 Responses to “Keeping the Momentum Going!”

  1. danica Says:

    YAY for walking every day! We can totally do it 🙂 I hope! haha. Good luck!

  2. Lizzy Says:

    I love the idea of the 40 day challenge. I might do something like that myself. Chicken soup looks super tasty 🙂

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