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Upgrades and Freebies June 19, 2011

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We had another boring, but relaxing day today. I spent the afternoon reading Twilight and relaxing while Irving watched some soccer games. I’m 250 pages in and I just can’t get enough. Ahhh, so good! Part of me doesn’t understand Bella’s fascination with Edward, and the other part of me is totally jealous that she gets to go out with him. hee hee. Congratulations, Kelley. You’re just like the millions of other girls around the world who drool over Team Edward (I haven’t really gotten to know Jacob yet, so I reserve the right to change “teams” later!).


Annnnyways, in other news, I convinced Irving to hang a bunch of pictures around our house today. It’s only been six years since we moved in. No biggie. heh! It feels so nice to have something on our walls now!

The first picture is really special because it was a gift from Irving’s grandfather. I had it framed for him for Valentine’s Day.




IMG_6037 IMG_6025 IMG_6027

The second picture was a wedding gift, which we love because it looks like the lake that we got married on!




IMG_6029 IMG_6032 IMG_6033

The third picture is a framed cross-stitch that my mom made for us. She worked really hard on it for almost three years, and we love it!




IMG_6023 IMG_6040 IMG_6042


I did not play Your Fitness Evolved on the XBOX today (my legs are thanking me profusely for that!) But Irving did! I was a little jealous of his endorphin high all afternoon. But check this out, Gatorade has a new line of products called G Series Fit. There are three products, one each for before, during and after a workout.

I haven’t tried them yet, so I can’t give them a full review, but we bought them because 1.) They were all free on rebate at Walgreens today and 2.) The bottle unlocks new workouts on the xbox… let me explain.

You buy a G Series Fit bottle and hold it in your hand…

The XBox Kinect camera sees the product and releases exclusive content to you.

Pretty cool technology if you ask me!

Thanks, Gatorade!

Gatorade did not sponsor this post. But I did get the products free on Rebate and you can too! Check your Local Walgreens for more info!



4 Responses to “Upgrades and Freebies”

  1. Diana Says:

    omg I LOVED the books.
    I then waited outside for hours with my daughter took a day off and then fell asleep in 10 min after the 1st movie. MOvie was horrible!!!!!!!!!!! Like the worst b movie ever written.

    The books are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Edward. and Jacob. and Edward. and Jacob.
    You have to read the entire series then read HOST! Thats a great book toO!

  2. Can’t wait to hear how you liked those G products! They seem popular…

  3. Lizzy Says:

    I ran a race up in Port Angeles, Wa where they filmed the Twilight movies. It was hilarious to see all the girls wearing the Team Edward or Team Jacob gear. I haven’t read the books but always love the books more than the movies. Love your pictures as well. I moved into my husband’s house and it has been a struggle to de-bachelor the place. At least we have moved on to curtains from bed sheets on the windows 🙂

    • Kelocity Says:

      HAHA I’m told to not watch the movies until I’ve read all the books, but I’m super excited to see them! HAHA We had bed sheets on the windows for a few weeks too. Oh, the pains of becoming an adult. =)

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