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Workin’ It Out Together June 30, 2011

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Yesterday, Irving and I both got home at the same time and decided to jump right into a sweaty weight lifting session. He worked out with his xbox trainer and I did a routine along side him. I’m so excited that we can work out together. I waited 10 years for this! All it took was an xbox?!

Before we started, Irving tried the Prime Bar (The first part of the Gatorade GFit Series).

I tasted it, but honestly, didn’t really like it. They have a few different flavors and I’d be willing to maybe try one of the others. But he really liked it and it pumped him up for a workout.

I loosely followed this plan from How Sweet it Is. <—If you click over, how good does that cupcake look? OMG.

Irving was hogging the weights so I skipped those ones during the circuit. When he was done, I did a mini upper body routine that included triceps, biceps, shoulder press and lateral raises. Oh man, did I need this!

Warning: Sweaty picture ahead. Whoop!

They say a couple who works out together stays together, right?

I slept so well last night and today, my whole body feels like jello. =)


3 Responses to “Workin’ It Out Together”

  1. Lizzy Says:

    So cute to work out together! The hubby and I go biking together and hit the gym as well. It’s so much fun to have a workout buddy.

  2. Amanda Says:

    We have an xbox but I want to be able to work out on it! Unfortunately our living room is pretty long and narrow. I think we need a farther distance to use the camera. BOO

    • Kelocity Says:

      Awe, yea, you need a pretty big work space. Do you have Xbox Live? We’re thinking of getting it so we can play with other people. 🙂

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