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A New England Garden Salad July 24, 2011

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Ahh! I miss my blog! We just got back from a whirlwind 9-day trip to New England. It was an awesome week filled with family, friends, sightseeing and a wedding! It feels like we’ve been gone for a month! My google reader has 250 unread posts, there are piles of laundry and mail to sort through and we’re tuckered out, but we wouldn’t have changed a thing, it was a fantastic trip.

Last Friday night (July 15th), we boarded a red-eye flight to Boston. I wish I could say I slept, but we had a stopover in Texas and I just couldn’t get comfortable. We made the most of it, and Irving even got some real Texas French Toast before our next flight!
IMG_6319 IMG_6315

And then a few hours later, we were flying over Massachusetts! IMG_6317

We didn’t get to spend any time in Boston this trip, but it still excites me to see the skyline every time. Though I’ll probably never live there again, it still feels like home when I go back.

As soon as we arrived, my mom and sister were excited to show off the vegetable garden they have growing in the back!

IMG_6367 IMG_6368

My mom has been working really hard on growing a bountiful garden and this year, it really paid off. She waited til I got home to let me pick the first vegetables!!

First up, raspberries! One in the bucket, two in my mouth. Delicious!





Next up were peppers! Those are kind of expensive in the grocery store, I can’t believe these grew in mom’s garden! I always feel so lucky to know the taste of fresh-from-the-earth vegetables. There’s nothing else like it.



There was even a banana pepper in there!

Next was butter lettuce! “Pull em’ from the root” my mom said. Aye Aye captain!


Today’s bounty!

Sisters! It was so fun hanging out with her again!


Clockwise…. Irving, Chris (Mikaela’s boyfriend!), Me, Mikaela… and Gizmo.


Oh yea… don’t forget the herbs! Mint, Parsley and…. Rosemary?

Of course we served our fresh garden salad with dinner! I love cookouts!
Kelley Pix (313)

Dining al fresco! So fun!
Kelley Pix (314)

And dessert was poundcake with berries (including our Fresh Raspberries!)
Kelley Pix (316)

Later, we had a campfire out back! I feel like this is the epitome of living in New England in the summer.
Kelley Pix (319)Kelley Pix (5)

I was the only one who wanted a s’more. Those guys are weird. YUM!
Kelley Pix (18)

Stay tuned this week for pictures from the rest of the week!

Do you live away from home? Living on the opposite coast from family is tough, but it makes going back all the more sweeter.


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  1. So glad you are back! Missed your blogging 🙂 Your mom’s garden rocks. The husband and I are trying so hard with ours but the deer keep eating it all. Bad Deer. Campfires are totally New England summers. They reminded me of a my summers at camp in Vermont.

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