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An Adventure in Mini Golf July 25, 2011

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Last Sunday night, we joined my sister, Mikaela and her BF Chris and my mom for a night of mini golf! Kelley Pix (20)

The course was actually quite challenging and super fun.

The couples!
Kelley Pix (27)Kelley Pix (26)

Me and my mom!
Kelley Pix (30)

Sisters! Don’t you just love that classy “one leg up” pose? LOL
Kelley Pix (28)Kelley Pix (29)

Kelley Pix (32)

I usually have a pretty good putt, but sometimes I just like to whack it and see what happens….. oops! Water trap!Kelley Pix (25) Kelley Pix (34)

I was more excited that my ball matched the flowers than playing the game itself. It’s the little things, right?Kelley Pix (36)

Chris got the only Hole In One of the night. He was pretty stoked.Kelley Pix (38)

He and Irving are so funny when they’re together. They were deep in a golf competition and they played by the rules 100%. I wish we lived closer so we could all hang out more often!
Kelley Pix (39)

After the game, Irving and Chris had to “go to the bathroom”… my sister snuck behind them because she had a suspicion that they were getting into trouble. And she found this! LIARS!!! Boys will be boys!
Kelley Pix (41)Kelley Pix (42)

They won enough tickets to get tootsie rolls and twizlers! Kelley Pix (43)

And of course, per mini golf tradition, we got some real new england ice cream at the end.

PS… This is a “Kiddie” size. No joke.  Can you imagine what the Large is like?!
Kelley Pix (45)

What’s your favorite Ice Cream? Although I love Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, my all time favorite would be Hoodsie Cups! You can only find them in Massachusetts! Sad!


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