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Breakfast with Bob! August 6, 2011

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My morning started out with some Excedrin and a Vitamin Water. Man, I haven’t had a lick of alcohol in months and yet I felt hung over this morning. lol But these guys did the trick, thank goodness!  (First migraine in over a month though, this is progress!)

Thankfully the headache was gone by the time I got to the conference today. And I had a really important date! Breakfast with Bob Harper, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser.

The session was sponsored by Quaker. I had some Oatmeal Squares and fruit while I drooled over listened to Bob. There’s just something about him that makes people excited about healthy living and getting fit.

Some of the things he spoke about:
-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (duh!)
-Nutrition is the #1 and #2 most important thing. Exercise is #3.
-Bob actually hates the Biggest Loser scale (haha)
-His Mantra: “Believe in yourself, trust the process, change forever”.

Fun fact: Bob and I have each run 3 marathons. If I run one more, I’ll have run more marathons than him. HAHAHA Perhaps a new goal??


6 Responses to “Breakfast with Bob!”

  1. I am so jealous of you right now!!!

  2. So cool that you got to hang with Bob! I love the Biggest Loser but the scale is pretty scary.

  3. Amanda Says:

    I love him so much! So jealous!

  4. Caroline Says:

    I love Bob!! So jealous you got to see and hear him in person! Lucky you! 🙂

  5. Tara Says:

    Love it! I hate the Biggest Loser scale too. My scale at home does something similar and I hate it!

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