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Breakfast with Bob! August 6, 2011

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My morning started out with some Excedrin and a Vitamin Water. Man, I haven’t had a lick of alcohol in months and yet I felt hung over this morning. lol But these guys did the trick, thank goodness!  (First migraine in over a month though, this is progress!)

Thankfully the headache was gone by the time I got to the conference today. And I had a really important date! Breakfast with Bob Harper, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser.

The session was sponsored by Quaker. I had some Oatmeal Squares and fruit while I drooled over listened to Bob. There’s just something about him that makes people excited about healthy living and getting fit.

Some of the things he spoke about:
-Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (duh!)
-Nutrition is the #1 and #2 most important thing. Exercise is #3.
-Bob actually hates the Biggest Loser scale (haha)
-His Mantra: “Believe in yourself, trust the process, change forever”.

Fun fact: Bob and I have each run 3 marathons. If I run one more, I’ll have run more marathons than him. HAHAHA Perhaps a new goal??


I was on TV…kinda. September 23, 2010

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So remember way back when when I went to the Biggest Loser Taping?

Well the episode was finally on this week!!!!! Can you see me?

Just kidding, you wouldn’t be able to see me unless you were looking for it. lol
And I kind of got in this shot…

There! Right next to my friend Stephanie!
I haven’t watched the whole episode yet, but I’m glad the show is back!

PS… while scanning through the show quickly, I saw this commercial!!


He got a makeover, but still the same toy I used to love when I was little.  SO COOL!


Biggest Loser Season 10 Taping! May 23, 2010

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Today, I spent eight hours hanging out with Jillian Michaels, Alison Sweeney and a whole bunch of past contestants from the show.

They were filming the season 10 premiere (which will air in September).


It was a lot (A LOT) of waiting around, but it was worth it to see the past contestants (they look great!) They are like celebrities! So much fun!

We arrived at 7am (because only the first 300 people got to work out with Jillian).


I was so glad to have my friend Stephanie there too!

We had wrist bands to get us into the taping:

While we were in line, they handed out Larabars and fruit for everyone.


First up, we met Amy and Philip!

And Tracy!



Brittany, Dan and Jackie:


And Dr. H!



Then we all got our Blue Shirts! (LA is rooting for the Blue Team!)

0523001046 Shirts


The Biggest Loser Scale!


Then Jillian and Alison Sweeney took the stage and we did a mini bootcamp with Jillian (pushups, jumping jacks, squat jumps and mountain climbers).


I don’t want to reveal too  much information from the episode (I bet NBC wouldn’t like that very much)…
But part of the challenge involved aerobic step-ups.


And all 300 people were invited to join in with the contestants:


I did about 600 stepups during the filming. woo hoo!

Then the winners took off in a limo to head to the ranch!

0523001005 LIMO
It was a very LONG day, and it was very cold down near the ocean, but it was really fun. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in September.

And don’t forget that the Season 9 finale is Tuesday night!

Thanks to my friend Stephanie for letting me use some of her pictures!!!!


The Biggest Loser Marathon May 19, 2010

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So last night on The Biggest Loser, the final four ran the Biggest Loser Marathon. I always look forward to this episode because I just LOVE running! I get giddy when the contestants run.

It’s so incredible to hear the contestants say “Running a marathon was always one of my dreams”…”It’s the test of ultimate endurance”. I personally know what it feels like to want something so bad, train for hours and hours, and then cross that finish line. It really is a dream. It’s amazing to see other people accomplish the same thing.

But they only technically trained for 60 days…. how is that possible? How many miles do you think they run daily while on campus?

Daris finished in 4:02!! That’s pretty incredible. He beat Tara’s BL Marathon record by 50 minutes! It’s just crazy that someone who was SO unhealthy 6 months ago can beat MY marathon time by um… 2 hours! I don’t know how he did it. How do they run for so many miles without stopping? Do you think they stop? What about for water/food?

Then Koli came in at 6:08. Michael and Ashley finished in 6:26. I beat all three of them. Boo yea! Just kidding, they all did amazing. It was impressive.

And can we just stop for a minute and recognize how amazing Ally Vincent looks? She’s a rockstar.


But then the show hit a sore spot for me…. when Daris got on the scale and found out he gained 2 pounds at home. He said it was partly from eating late at night…. but partly from training for a marathon. And Bob basically REAMED him for it! He was like “If you’re running, there is no way marathon training will make you gain weight”…. but I disagree! Marathon training is grueling and it leaves your body feeling hungry all.of.the.time! I sympathized with Daris because I can relate to it.  Bad Bob! Bad! It totally gives people watching the wrong idea.

For that reason, I went online today, and voted for Daris to be in the final 3! He’s a great guy! And he runs marathons—fast! Vote for him!
Koli is amazing too. It’s a tough choice!

Anyways, off my soapbox.

And now for my Public Service Announcement for the week! If anyone is around on Sunday, the Biggest Loser will be shooting the first episode down at the Beach in Los Angeles! They are looking for people to come work out with the contestants!

May 23, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

Venice Beach, at the end of Washington Boulevard
*Registration time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. Be there ON TIME or you may not be permitted in.
*Please park at either of these parking lots: 3100 Ocean Front Walk or 2700 Ocean Front Walk

Click below for more info!



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