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I Heart Cheese August 9, 2011

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I love cheese. Grilled Cheese. Fried Cheese. Mac & Cheese. Cheese Bread. Cheese Spread. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.

So whenever the Grilled Cheese Truck is in my neck of the woods, I get all excited. I dragged a co-worker with me today to hunt down the truck and get some of its deliciousness for lunch.

I got the same thing I got last time. The Macaroni & Cheese Stuffed Grilled Cheese. I know. It sounds strange in theory, but oh holy moly, mother of all things cheese. This thing is gooooood. I could hardly focus on the conversations I was having because the taste was just too distracting.

I love you, gooey cheesy sandwich. Marry me.

As if my lunch wasn’t calorie overload enough, the truck was parked right in front of my favorite cupcake shop (Yummy Cupcakes), so I obviously had to grab one of those too. I need an intervention.

I got my FAVORITE kind of cupcake. Vanilla with vanilla frosting dipped in sprinkles. Sounds boring, but my teeth would like to tell you otherwise. Yum.

I need to buy this t-shirt. And go for a walk.

Sugar high, whaaaaat?


7 Responses to “I Heart Cheese”

  1. oh, and I really need that shirt.

  2. I LOVE cheese too and I loveeeeeeee cupcakes! Soulmate status.

  3. I think you are my food soul mate 🙂 Grilled cheese is my favorite and with my second favorite food on it, mac & cheese, I can’t imagine anything more heavenly. Vanilla vanilla cupcakes are my favorite too, might need to go to Magnolia to get one today.

  4. Amanda Says:

    I knew it! I knew you’d go for the grilled cheese with mac -n- cheese! I love that one so much!

  5. Hahahaha you WERE on a sugar high when you wrote this post! I think this is your version of a tipsy post. Funny.

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