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I Heart Cheese August 9, 2011

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I love cheese. Grilled Cheese. Fried Cheese. Mac & Cheese. Cheese Bread. Cheese Spread. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.

So whenever the Grilled Cheese Truck is in my neck of the woods, I get all excited. I dragged a co-worker with me today to hunt down the truck and get some of its deliciousness for lunch.

I got the same thing I got last time. The Macaroni & Cheese Stuffed Grilled Cheese. I know. It sounds strange in theory, but oh holy moly, mother of all things cheese. This thing is gooooood. I could hardly focus on the conversations I was having because the taste was just too distracting.

I love you, gooey cheesy sandwich. Marry me.

As if my lunch wasn’t calorie overload enough, the truck was parked right in front of my favorite cupcake shop (Yummy Cupcakes), so I obviously had to grab one of those too. I need an intervention.

I got my FAVORITE kind of cupcake. Vanilla with vanilla frosting dipped in sprinkles. Sounds boring, but my teeth would like to tell you otherwise. Yum.

I need to buy this t-shirt. And go for a walk.

Sugar high, whaaaaat?


SF East Bay Hot Spots July 3, 2011

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Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early at 7am. I could see the sun and hear the birds chirping outside. I love being in the bay area. After some breakfast, we headed to our first stop of the day: Sports Basement.

I love this store. It seems that every time we are here, we stop and buy some new shoes. And this weekend was no exception. They just have the best selection and prices, you can’t beat it. I really loved my Brooks Ariels, but they changed the model this year and they didn’t feel right. They also jacked the price up to $115 and since I’m not really running munch anymore, I just couldn’t justify it.

But I did find the Asics GT-2130s on sale for $65! I used to run in these before switching to Brooks a few years back. They felt great too. Irving ended up with the same pair (in mens of course).

Happy with our new purchases, we jumped over to a local farmers market. It was small, but very impressive. A little bit of everything and all the produce looked really good. My goal for the day? Find a fresh tomato. There’s nothing like a fresh one, remember? When I found one, I ate it like an apple. Hit the spot.


We came back to Irving’s mom’s house and had a nice lunch and took a nap! Irving slept for two hours! I read New Moon for a while and then fell asleep myself.

Bad news: I started to get a headache and I was so frustrated. I hadn’t eaten sugar in almost a week, hardly any sodium…PLUS I’d been drinking more water than I ever have in my life….why did I have a headache? After a cup of tea and a nap, I realized it must have been caffeine withdrawal today.

Anyways, the tea cured it and when everyone woke up, we got out of the heat by heading to a mall. I scored a summer dress at Old Navy!

Then we drove over the hill to Berkeley for dinner. Our destination was Pyramid Brewery (one of our favorites!)

Irving and his mom ordered the Apricot Ale. I’ve had it before and it’s pretty incredible, but I didn’t want to drink for fear of the revenge of the headache. I stuck to water.

The menu is amazing. We think it’s some of the best American food menus out there. I ended up with a turkey club sandwich on a cibatta roll with avocado.

And I subbed my french fries for a baked mac & cheese!! It came with bacon inside of it and I sprinkled hot sauce on the top!

I ate a few bites before getting full, and I brought the rest home. I can’t wait to dig into it!!!

This morning, Irving and his mom went to watch the Wimbledon finals in theaters! They’re broadcasting it in 3D! It sounded really fun, but they had to wake up at 4:45am to make it in time!


Mac & Cheese, but not! March 24, 2011

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I (really) like Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi. It’s easy and delicious.

If I was by myself, I could easily eat that whole package. But that’s probably not a very good idea. Instead, I took some cues from Amanda and Andy and decided to bulk it up with veggies and split it among two meals. This is why I like to hang around with Smart People.

The gnocci has a butter and sage sauce, but when it’s heated up, the gnocci kind of gets a little mushy and it totally tastes like Mac & Cheese.

Mix it with some crack Frank’s Red Hot and you’ve got yourself a meal. MMmm!

We go through hot sauce like nobody’s business, so we stopped fooling around with those little bottles. Go big or go home.

Now I’m stuffed. And luckily I have a great lunch to look forward to tomorrow. Winning!


La La Luxury! September 6, 2010

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Welcome to Las Vegas!!



I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Encore is pretty much the nicest hotel that I’ve ever stayed in. We scored an AMAZING deal for Labor Day weekend. ($300 for three nights in an Encore suite INCLUDING two tickets to Le Reve!) Yes, Please! They were practically begging us to come!

Our Room!

 IMG_5683 IMG_5693 IMG_5686 


The Mini Bar!

IMG_5691  IMG_5692


This trip was pretty shopping heavy. Because of Labor Day, the outlets were having AMAZING sales! I got tons of shirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry and shorts! Irving got golf clothes and some other stuff. We were shopping machines this week!

The first night, we ate at “The Mac Shack”.

My kind of menu!


I got the traditional Mac & Cheese with Spinach and Peas mixed in. Mmmm!





As you leave the restaurant, they have free Tootsie Pops!!! MY FAVORITE!


Later, Irving ran into a friend from high school! As he put it, they “haven’t seen each other in the heavy half of a decade”. — since 1997!

After dinner, we met up with Erika and Timmy and headed over to Blush nightclub inside the Wynn.


We had VIP access! That’s how we roll!


IMG_5669 IMG_5668  

The lanterns were all handmade in China! And they coordinated with the music. So cool!



And ladies got free champagne all night!

It was a fun night!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more!


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