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Photography Challenge–Clothes and Clouds October 3, 2011

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I have to remember to start carrying our good camera with me wherever I go to remind myself to take more pictures.

I’m still psyched about the Photography Challenge so here’s the past two days:


We were invited to see Ghetto Klown in Hollywood yesterday and enjoyed a night out in Hollywood (more details about that soon!)

Here’s my picture artistic picture of what I wore to the show. I love Hollywood even if it’s dirty and it smells funny. There’s something romantic under all that grit.

I have to admit that I actually took this picture last week enroute to a Blogger Dinner with Amanda, Andy, Kaitlin and Katherine. I was driving West on the 118 and was blinded by the sun and the golden clouds. I seriously almost pulled over to star at this. These were the most amazing clouds I’ve ever seen in LA.

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2 Responses to “Photography Challenge–Clothes and Clouds”

  1. Those clouds look gorgeous! We’ve been having some like that out here with the storm coming in from the West! I’m excited for it!

    And I’m excited to start on the photo challenge! I’m a few days behind so I’ll have to catch up soon!

    • Kelocity Says:

      Can’t wait to see your posts!! Those clouds were amazing because they definitely looked like LA’s “after the rain” type clouds, minus the rain. 🙂

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