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Navigating the Holidays… while eating for two! December 9, 2011

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The Holiday Season is here! I love this time of year! But with all the holiday parties, mixers and get-togethers, how are you supposed to get through it pregnant? All my favorite food and drinks are off-limits!

Let’s start with food… cheese and crackers sounds harmless. Oh wait, that brie isn’t pasteurized? Guess I’ll skip and grab some finger sandwiches. What? Deli Meat? The carnal sin of pregnancy. Might get listeria, better pass on that too. Cesar salad or anything with mayo? Has raw egg, must avoid. And those cute little hotdogs on a toothpick? Packed with Nitrates. Awesome. Now I’ve made it all the way around the buffet table and have nothing but a dinner roll and some green beans on my plate.

Ok, I’ll skip the food and just grab a glass of eggnog. Excuse me? That’s off limits too? That’s ok, let’s be honest, I never liked eggnog anyways. Obviously alcohol is on the black list, so no martinis, spiked punch or Baileys & hot cocoa for me this year. I could have coke… but too much caffeine. Diet coke? Aspartame. Guess I’ll stick with water. It’ll wash down my green beans well.

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I kid, I kid. In 3+ months of pregnancy I’ve had a single hotdog, a few bites mayo-laden mac salad, a green salad or two with soft cheeses on top and my daily cup of tea. And you know what? I’m ok with that. It’s not like I eat that stuff day in and day out, you can’t take those lists too seriously, right? I’d go crazy with guilt if I did.

In general, I try to eat healthy, rounded meals. I take my vitamin daily and guzzle water all day long. Baby seems to be growing according to plan and everything has been like clockwork so far, a textbook pregnancy, really.

So bring on the Ho Ho Ho’s and the Jolly good times, I’ll be partying with the best of them this season—with Martinelli’s of course.


9 Responses to “Navigating the Holidays… while eating for two!”

  1. Mama Gaga Says:

    That’s the spirit, Kel! P.S. I was excited to learn halfway through my pregnancy that mostly all cheese sold in the U.S. is pasteurized… even Brie and goat cheese. Mmmmm. That made the second half fly by! 🙂

  2. I broke down and had a taboo deli turkey sandwich on saturday. It tasted amazing and I’m totally ok with that too. Hahaha, I totally bought a bottle of Martinelli’s the other day. I wanted to feel like part of our dinner party the other night…I so miss wine. I totally agree with you on not taking those lists seriously. I think they make them for people who will have sushi everyday for their pregnancy or soft cheese at every meal.

    • Kelocity Says:

      haha Yea, I think I’d go crazy following each “rule” they have now. It’s funny, I was never a big drinker and now I’m CRAVING some wine or a cocktail. I’ll have to wait another 6 months to cave into that one though. =)

      But Martinelli’s is pretty darn good pregnant or not. Whoever invented that deserves a prize. That’s good stuff!

  3. Liz R Says:

    I never heard mayo is unsafe. I ate it on sandwiches and stuff. Just be careful of the salads that have been out a while (like you would even if not pregnant). Honestly, everything in moderation. If you are really worried about deli meat, warm it in the microwave until it steams, then it’s safe. If the caffeine in a coke worries you because of the baby don’t. One will be fine. If the caffeine worry is because of how it affects you, then that is fair. Like I said, don’t stress over it!

  4. booradlee Says:

    Martinelli’s is delicious! It’s not so bad. hahaha.

  5. Janie and Jake Says:

    I know you aren’t much of a soda drinker but the sodastream could come in handry, and te diet mixes use splenda – is that OK? And There are soda products that use splenda instead of aspartame too… And no, I’m (no way) pregnant but I can empathize as I’m fighting a stomach bug and only water and crackers sound good… Keep up the good job, mamma!

    • Kelocity Says:

      Thanks! I love my sodastream. I’m not a big fan of Splenda though. I prefer cane sugar over it because of the taste. But I do love the fruit flavors they have now. =) Thanks!!

  6. Oh wow, I didn’t even THINK about mayo being off-limits. I don’t think I can have kids now! Well, I guess there is vegan mayo, which I fortunately like.

  7. Anne Peterson Says:

    Glad to hear your doing well. Only 6 more months and yahoo you can have that martini.

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