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I Flew Across the Country for Hoodsie Cups! January 17, 2012

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This past weekend I traveled back home to Boston for a few days. Flights were SO CHEAP! I scored a deal on Jetblue that came to about $99 each way plus tax! Couldn’t say no! I was so glad that I did. It was nice to see family and friends and have absolutely no plans. There was no big event or reason for my visit, so everything was relaxed and fun and I got to spend some time with some of my favorites.

I crashed and took a 2 hour nap when I got home, and then met up with my mom, grandmother and sister for lunch at an Irish Pub nearby. It was so fun to have a girls lunch and catch up. That alone was worth the plane ticket.


And for dessert… I ordered a Hoodsie Cup!!!! If you’re not from New England, you have probably never had one of these, but it’s SO GOOD! I crave them on the west coast and was happy to introduce the baby to the joy of Hoodsies. =)


In the afternoon, Mom and I ventured to Buy Buy Baby to do some research. I was numb by the end, so many decisions to make! How do you know what kind of crib/car seat/stroller/high chair/bottles/etc/etc/etc you need?! I walked away with the Baby Bargains book (it was on my to-do list this week anyways!) so hopefully that will help in some of those decisions. It was so fun though and got me so excited to meet the little one.


On Sunday, I helped my mom clean up her computer (she downloaded a virus. sigh). It took all day to get it all straight again, but it was nice because in between we played games of scrabble and went shopping. Things I really never get to do with my mom when I come home for Christmas or something.


In the evening I met up with my high school friends for an awesome dinner at a place a few towns over. I miss these girls so much and it was awesome to spend a whole night with them. Hi Steph and Court!


Katie is 6 weeks ahead of me and it was fun to compare notes. =)  Wish we lived closer! But maybe our kids can be pen pals some day!

Kelley and Katie_preggo_1.15.12

After dinner, we watched the Golden Globes…. and had another Hoodsie Cup!!!!! Yes. They are that good.


Monday morning I got the pleasure of having breakfast with this guy!!! I can’t believe how big he has gotten, he was a little man, entertaining us while we ate. I gave him lots of kisses and hugs and in return he gave me tons of smiles and giggles.


His momma and I also enjoyed a morning of scrabble, laughing and trying on maternity clothes (I’m a lucky girl, she gave me so many shirts!) One morning is never enough, but I was happy to be able to hang out!!


And that was it! The weekend went by way too fast but it was one of the best.


Living far away is tough, but if you scoop up good deals when you can, it’s do-able. Although I think my parents were much too sad to see me leave this time. I’ll be back soon though!


My flight was an hour delayed leaving Boston, but Jetblue made up for it with free movies on board. Add that to the free checked bag and empty seat next to me and all was forgiven. (Take note US AIR!)

I skipped Yoga last night. I was so sad because I had been looking forward to it, but I was jetlagged and just exhausted from the trip. I have to start listening to my body I suppose. Plus it was the kind of night where you break a glass in the sink and then have to fight back tears (yea, I was tired). But I feel much better today and all is right in the world.


8 Responses to “I Flew Across the Country for Hoodsie Cups!”

  1. Izza Says:

    Wow! You look great carrying the baby inside, I missed this moment! You should also bring your kids at Disney, you could rent strollers there instead of bringing one.

  2. mrswonder Says:

    You are such a cuti
    ie pregnant! And I fondly remember the ice cream cups we’d get in elementary school for parties- they looked just like that!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I have so much opinion on baby gear. I’ll just dump it all here. If you want to breastfeed a boppy is a necessity. If you aren’t,, a boppy is REALLY convenient for laying the baby in, and doubles for tummy time. All in all I say it’s a must have. The other thing is a bumbo. AMAZING for learning to sit, or getting the baby who can’t move yet to stay upright while you do the dishes/vaccuum/ etc. I even figured out to use it in the shower. Put the baby in it, in the shower so I could go take one. Sad I didn’t figure it out till #2. Cribs: depends on what your long term goal is. I got the full convertible crib for the first, and the regular ole drop side crib (way more affordable) for the second. The truth is, you can get a crib, a toddler bed and a kids bed for all cheaper then most of the convertible cribs out there.
    Stollers: I got a jogging stroller top of the line, never jogged but the wheels were great for beach trips. Regular wheels are cheap and don’t “off-road” as well. Knowing you two, I’d go with the jogging stroller. But one that collapses small. Let me tell you how annoying it is to fold it up and get it through security at the airport. High Chair: don’t get one yet. Will just collect dust for months, like nearly a year. The bumbo quadruples as that. Car Seat: don’t get that little thing that goes around their head until you see the size of their head. It was a waste of $15. Plus rolled up receiving blankets work better anyway. Get one of those carriers. (I had one that clicked into my jogging stroller..GENUIS!!!) Bottles: Don’t buy a lot of anything. One of each. Honestly. FAR too many people stockpile bottles and then find out that their baby prefers a different kind of nipple. Same thing with pacifiers. As far as “gear” swings, bouncy chairs etc, find a friend or craigslist one until you find out if your kid likes it. Some kids NEED it. Like seriously need it to live and some can’t STAND them. I say don’t waste the money until you know your kid. If you want to breastfeed, and you want to pump I say spend the money on a Medela. I spent way too much money on the cheaper pumps only to have them suck (or not suck as the case was) or rip my nipples apart, etc. (Sorry for the image, the point is don’t go cheap) Loved my pack and play for the first, never used it for the second. Best use is hotel/traveling. Ummm okay, so I’m sorry I just go on and on. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to chat about it one day. If you want me to shut up I’m down with that too.

  4. Looks like you had such an awesome weekend. LOVE LOVE LOVE Hoodsie cups. We always had them at summer camp in VT!

  5. Janie Says:

    What a fun weekend! So interesting how differently babies are carried – yours is very high while your friend Katie’s is much lower… I know nothing about what it could mean! But I can see you are glowing…

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