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Fluffernutters For the Win! February 18, 2012

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This weekend, Irving and I roadtripped up to Lake Tahoe with our friend Erica. We also met up with Jake and Janie and a bunch of Irving’s high school friends who are all up there for a bachelor weekend! It is going to be one big party and we were stoked to get up there for a few nights away.

But let’s back up to the ‘road trip’ part. It’s an 8-hour drive from Los Angeles, and we didn’t want to loose too much time stopping to eat dinner on the way. Don’t worry guys, I got it covered.

Erica and I were VERY excited about fluffernutter sandwiches. But Irving is a little crazy and isn’t quite aboard the Fluff Train yet (I’m working on it though). So I put my ‘mom pants’ on and whipped up some sandwiches for the road.

Three PB&Fluff…

And three PB&J…

Served alongside some fresh fruit Erica brought, some snacks from Trader Joes and Juice Boxes (essential).

So tell me… are you ‘Team Fluff’ or ‘Team Jam’?



3 Responses to “Fluffernutters For the Win!”

  1. E.J. Says:

    I’m team PB and chocolate sandwiches! That’s what Irv and I got for lunch as kids.

  2. booradlee Says:

    I am team jelly too but I want to try a fluffer-nutter soon!

  3. mikaela Says:

    Chris and I are all for TEAM JELLY!!!! haha Chris has a pbj sandwich everyday for lunch cut diagonal!!!! 🙂

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