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Weekend Getaway: Monterey Playground January 26, 2014

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On our last day in Monterey, we kept it simple and headed to a playground so Adele could burn off some steam before being in the car for five hours. After some googling, we settled on the Dennis the Menace Playground. It did not disappoint.
It was built decades ago so it didn’t fall into the traditional parks you see nowadays. They just don’t make em’ like they used to. Check out this slide! (hey, adults can play too!)

And look at this one! It was a ‘roller’ slide. 


Our plan to tucker Adele out worked. She was fried after a couple of hours of climbing, sliding and running.

She slept for 3 of the 5 hours on the way back to LA. I spent the rest of the ride in the back seat with her reading, singing and playing. (And maybe some Elmo watching as well… shhh! I’ll never be one of THOSE parents. haha)

Here’s a video of Adele in the backseat (note: it’s dark, just listen!) All she wanted was to watch Elmo and mom singing was NOT going to cut it this time. ha.


Roadtrip to Utah! January 23, 2013

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This weekend, we took Adele on a pretty awesome roadtrip! I think it’s our furthest one with her yet! She did great!

Saturday morning, we packed up the car, and set out driving 7 hours to our destination:

But let’s back up. We left Saturday morning around 9am (timed perfectly with Adele’s morning nap). We took her out of the car a few times to stretch and eat, but otherwise, she slept almost the whole time. I jumped in the back for one two-hour stretch to feed and entertain her while we drove, it worked out well! Time flew by. IMG_9129

Soon enough, we were past Las Vegas and heading towards Mesquite. We just happened to stop at this place:IMG_9132
Irving played golf here a couple of years back and has been dying to go back ever since. Too bad he didn’t have his clubs with him this time, but I know he was excited to see it again. I hear it’s a great course.

After our brief stop there, we continued on towards St. George, Utah! We literally drove through four states in one day! CA –> NV –> AZ –> UT! We had no idea there was a time zone change too! Oops!

We planned to stay one night in St. George before jumping over to Zion and we were SO glad that we did! We had an awesome hotel room. Excuse me, a hotel house.


We stayed at the Inn at Entrada and it was pretty awesome. I mean, come on, we had our own garage! That’s a first for us!

The house was gorgeous. Super comfortable, we wished we had stayed longer!
IMG_9135Can you spot the baby?


Fun fact: High School Musical 2 was shot on the property!

Here’s the pool!

That’s right folks, see these beautiful mountains here?

Zac Efron looked at those very mountains from this very spot. Jealous? You know you are. haha

But seriously, the property was so beautiful. If you’re coming to St. George, we highly recommend it!

Ohmygosh! Zac Efron played basketball hereeeeee! {squeal}
(not really, but I’m sure my cousins will be excited about this. hahaha

By the way, we got this blanket for Christmas and we loooooove it. It’s vinyl on one side, and fleece on the other. It’s perfect for picnics in the park, and hotel room floors apparently. Adele was a fan.

After a rough night of sleep (which is so sad because the room was so comfy! … more on that later!) We woke up ready to explore St. George.
IMG_9166What? I can’t have this whole bed to myself?

We met my friend from college, Katie, at George’s Corner Restaurant for brunch. It’s been years since I’ve seen her and we had a blast catching up.

I love meeting old friends in new places! So nice seeing you, Katie!

After we ate, Irving, Adele and I walked around St. George. It was a Sunday, so not too much was open, but what a cute little town. We’ll be back someday for sure!

And soon enough, it was time to head to our next stop: Zion!

Stay tuned!

Hotel: Inn at Entrada
Restaurants: Pier 49, Georges Corner Restaurant


Fluffernutters For the Win! February 18, 2012

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This weekend, Irving and I roadtripped up to Lake Tahoe with our friend Erica. We also met up with Jake and Janie and a bunch of Irving’s high school friends who are all up there for a bachelor weekend! It is going to be one big party and we were stoked to get up there for a few nights away.

But let’s back up to the ‘road trip’ part. It’s an 8-hour drive from Los Angeles, and we didn’t want to loose too much time stopping to eat dinner on the way. Don’t worry guys, I got it covered.

Erica and I were VERY excited about fluffernutter sandwiches. But Irving is a little crazy and isn’t quite aboard the Fluff Train yet (I’m working on it though). So I put my ‘mom pants’ on and whipped up some sandwiches for the road.

Three PB&Fluff…

And three PB&J…

Served alongside some fresh fruit Erica brought, some snacks from Trader Joes and Juice Boxes (essential).

So tell me… are you ‘Team Fluff’ or ‘Team Jam’?



This List is Bananas! July 3, 2011

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We are up to San Francisco this weekend to see some family and escape the Los Angeles Heat (Rumor has it that it was supposed to be 110* there this weekend!!) But before we left LA, I had a schwaggle of errands to run first.

PS…how does ‘bananas’ end up on my to do list. LOL If you’re wondering, I had to freeze some ripe bananas for smoothies this week.

Let’s see…. have lunch, put some receipts into Quicken, Pack for the weekend…. next up… bring all of our paper, cans and bottles to the recycling center. When it’s 92 degrees, it’s not fun being around sweltering trash piles and heaving box of newspapers into bins. But at least I am saving the environment… and I got paid a whopping $1.90 for my cans. I really wish my condo had recycling, because it’s borderline not worth it to even bother.

Next up (ahead of schedule thankyouverymuch) was Costco to fill up my car for the 6-hour drive.

Done and done. Then I went to Target to pick up a few things.
(What? Your target doesn’t have a palm tree out front?

After that, I hit up Citibank quickly. And then snuck a quick trip to Trader Joes for some road trip essentials.

I swung by and picked Irving up and we hit the road! We were expecting lots of holiday traffic, but it really wasn’t that bad. A couple of hours in, we broke out some homemade sandwiches (turkey and cheese on pretzel rolls!)

We chatted so much that I forgot I was even driving. Soon enough, we were already at Harris Ranch (our favorite stop half way there!)


When we got back on the road, Irving took over the driving and we broke out the pop chips! (Salt & Pepper flavor! Full review coming soon!)


We arrived at 11pm and went to bed soon after.


What are your holiday plans this weekend?


A Mammoth Sized Getaway February 12, 2011

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This weekend, a bunch of our friends rented two condos for the weekend in Mammoth and invited us to come hang out and ski! We’d be crazy to say no to such a great opportunity. We love to get up to the mountains at least once in the winter to get a dose of skiing in. This was the perfect reason to go!


We left after work on Friday and started the 5.5 hour drive up. Since we didn’t know what the roads would be like, we took Irving’s Jeep which gets about 16 miles to the gallon! By the time we got there, he was well below ‘E’ and I was starting to panic. He’s such a guy: “We’ve got at least another hour on this tank. Even though it’s on E… it’s not really on E.” OHMYGOSH!!! My dad always told me to never go below a quarter tank, especially in the winter, in case something happened and I had to keep the car going to stay warm. I half wanted us to break down in the middle of nowhere so I could say ‘I told you so’, but alas, we made it up there safe. Lucky break.

The condo we’re staying in is so cute!



What perfect books for a weekend in the mountains!


Look at this cute little squirrel!

My favorite part is the rocking cordless phone, circa 1991!

Zach Morris? Are you there?

Within our great group of friends, there are six kids who were there to ski this weekend. This morning, when I woke up, I could hear the pitter patter of little feet descending down the staircase. It was so nice. They say the cutest things too. One of them kept telling Irving how excited he was to ski because ‘Skiing was his favorite’! Awe! Living in southern California, it’s exciting to see so much snow! And PS. seeing little kids in snowpants and ski boots is the cutest thing in the whole world.


All the kids and most of the adults got their tickets to head up the mountain, but I decided not to go this time. Every time I ski, my body aches, my muscles hurt and I want to quit after two runs. But everyone else was super excited!

When we got to the lifts, my phone told me it was 13 degrees outside. ahhh!

Good thing I came prepared with my Merrel snowmobile boots. These things are the BEST!

A gorgeous day for some skiing, I’m sure they all had a great time!



I said farewell to the group and went on my way to explore the village.

Mammoth is so cute. It has all the amenities of a huge ski resort, but the charm of a small town.

The first thing I did (after filling the Jeep up with gas — PS. $3.99 a gallon up here!) was head to the Snowcreek Fitness Club. This place is kind of a big deal. It’s where almost all of America’s Olympic runners live and train for their events. The altitude is so high here that if they can run here, they can run anywhere.

I just finished reading Meb Keflezighi’s book and he kept mentioning this place. After a little research, I found out that a lot of my running idols also train there. There’s an elite group of runners who belong to the Mammoth Lakes Track Club. A few members include Deena Kastor, Jennifer Rhines and Sara Hall. When I was driving along the road, I kept picturing these super fast marathoners running here. It is gorgeous!


They let me inside and I got to see some of the equipment they use. I was keeping my eye open, but I didn’t recognize anyone. I was thinking about getting a massage there too, I mean if a masseuse is good enough for an Olympian, why not me, right? But I decided against it. It was fun enough just to see it.

My original plan was to run the 5 miles to the club and back to our condo, but the air is so thin, I could barely walk up a flight of stairs! It’s hard to catch your breath at 9,000 feet. So instead, I spent my afternoon SHOPPING! But before you get all excited, remember that this a town of 3,000 people. The nearest Macy’s is three hours away.


I did find a few outlet stores and got three new sweaters for $20. SCORE!


Then I took my singles party to a café in town. Soup was sounding good at the time.

I got the Italian Wedding Soup in a bread bowl, but I have to say, it was mediocre. The soup was a bit off, and the bread wasn’t cooked all the way, it was still a little doughy?! EW! The waitress agreed and didn’t end up charging me for it, but my appetite was ruined. Oh well. With the altitude, I haven’t been very hungry up here anyways.

Everyone should be making their way back here soon, might go read a book and enjoy the peaceful mountain air.


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