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The Baby Class March 5, 2012

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After the initial excitement of ‘We’re going to have a baby!!” set it… then came the “um, we’re going to have a baby?!!?” feelings. I didn’t really know how to hold a baby. I always preferred to be sitting down in fear of somehow dropping it. How do you know when to feed it? Why he/she is crying? How do you even play with a baby?!

They say your instincts kick in when you meet your own child. You just know what to do and everything turns out ok. While that may in fact be the case, we knew we’d feel more confident after taking a class and learning some tricks. So last Saturday, we took our 8-hour ‘How to Prepare for a Newborn’ class and it was awesome!

It was a fun bonding experience for Irving and I too. To help each other out and know we’re going to make a great team when our little one arrives. At the beginning of the class, each couple got a baby for the day. Ours was super cute. Hi baby!

The class was divided into bite-sized sections and it flowed nicely from one to the other. The first thing we learned was how to hold a baby… and then how to safely pass a baby off to someone else. Make sure to support that little neck!IMG_1643

I almost melted seeing Irving practice how to hold the baby. I can totally imagine it being real now. He’s going to be an amazing dad!

One of the most important things we learned is how to swaddle the baby! Most babies love being wrapped up tight. It makes them feel secure and comfortable and helps put them to sleep. I think we’ve got it down to a science now. Bring on the swaddles!
SwaddleInstructionsWeb [source]

I just wonder what it’s like when the baby is squirming and crying at the same time!

We also learned how to bathe a baby and change a diaper (there were demonstrations with chocolate pudding involved…no joke!)

In addition to all the practical things you need to know… we also talked a lot about parenting philosophies, how to work together as a team and how babies affect relationships when expectations aren’t being met. We’re already planning on attending two more sessions specifically on the psychology of raising a child together. Interesting stuff.

Then we got into the math of a newborn:

12 Breastfeeding sessions/Day x 40 Minutes each = 8 Hours
12 Diapers/Day x 10 Minutes per diaper = 2 Hours
Fussy/Crying = 3.5 Hours
Bath Time = 30 minutes
(1 hour every other day)
Eating our Own Meals = 2 Hours
Shower/Getting Dressed/Personal Hygiene = 2.5 Hours
Total of 18+ Hours of your day will be accounted for

When do you get to sleep?!?! Luckily we discussed time management and our teacher offered many ways we can multitask, delegate and find time for yourself too. I’m sure we’ll be overwhelmed when the baby comes, but I feel better knowing in advance what I’m in for.

One more funny thing we did in the class… we were supposed to be reading a section of our workbook out loud to our spouse, and then at the same time, the teacher played a youtube clip of a screaming baby. It was so loud and distracting that we couldn’t get through the assignment. We all thought the clip had been playing for five minutes… turns out it was only a minute and a half. HAHA Guess I should learn early how to tune that noise out or it will drive me crazy! Shhh, baby, go to sleep!

It was a fantastic day. We really enjoyed meeting other couples, sharing stories, asking questions and learning all about what our lives are going to be like in three short months.

Any secrets/tips/tricks you have as parents/caregivers? Do share!


21 Responses to “The Baby Class”

  1. You look gorgeous, I love the belly shot! My baby class didn’t teach us any of that useful stuff like changing diapers or swaddling. Heck, I’m on baby 2 and I still make Hubby do most of the swaddles since mine never hold. What a fun way to spend a day together! Good luck!

  2. diana Says:

    I see that you are doing awesome! You look great! I did it all by myself and found time so I am sure you will do great! Taking time for yourself is super important!

    p.s. my blog was “broken” but it is fixed now! 🙂 I also am making a fav blogs page.. You will be on it for sure! Cant wait to see the adventures you have with the new baby!

  3. Thanks for the tips from you class. The husband and I were slow and missed signing up for one :)..oops. Luckily we have had loads of nieces and nephews to practice with in the past so we are both a little confident. I can’t believe the class used chocolate pudding! hahaha

    • Kelocity Says:

      I’m sure it all comes naturally once it’s your own baby anyways. And yes. I almost died when I saw the pudding. HAHA.

  4. Melissa Says:

    I wish I would have gone to those classes! It’s totally true about trial and error, and getting to know what he/she likes. One of mine slept all the time, (so much I called the doctor) one hated to sleep. Same thing with the pacifier. Mine both loved swaddling, but one was better at getting out of it. So it required doing it too many times.

    I’m so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to see you guys again and hug him/her.

    It’s true they don’t go anywhere for awhile, so plop them down in the swing and get in the shower… don’t forget you!

    • Kelocity Says:

      haha Thanks Melissa! They definitely prefaced all the different sections of the class with “But every baby is different…” lol Guess it will definitely be trial and error, but I’m excited. Hope you are all doing great!!

  5. Liz R Says:

    I keep trying to think of word of wisdom, or think about what I wish I would have known. I think the biggest thing is to do what is right for you and for your baby. For example, both of my kids are tummy sleepers. Yes, I know that the experts don’t recommend this. However, I am the one who has to deal with cranky babies! If they sleep better, then I was willing to take the risk (they could turn their heads side to side and lift it at this point). Also, don’t expect the baby to like swaddling. Warren hated having his arms restrained! You have to be willing to adapt. Like someone else said, you will grow with your baby. Try to enjoy it. Oh yeah, no one warned me that my babies would have what we termed as “awake time” during the middle of the night. They just wanted to be awake for 2-3 hours. They were happy, just not sleepy. Thankfully their daddy didn’t mind the one-on-one time too much. 🙂

    • Kelocity Says:

      That’s so funny, my mom specifically wrote in my baby book that I always preferred to sleep on my stomach. I still prefer to sleep on my stomach! Once they can lift their head, I don’t see why not. I can’t wait to learn all these things about my baby!

  6. booradlee Says:

    I am dying over the chocolate pudding! TOO CREEPY! hahahah

  7. ashley Says:

    in a few months you’ll be begging for chocolate pudding!

  8. Erika Says:

    I would definitely take that little math equation with a grain of salt! It definitely isnt always like that!

  9. shannon gaudet Says:

    Sounds like a great class kelley! A baby crying can definitely raise your blood pressure during the first few weeks (you get used to it after a while!) Just remember that it is totally okay to let the baby cry while you collect your sanity in the next room! You are going to be a great momma! It’s 80% natural instinct 20% trial and error!

  10. Mama Gaga Says:

    Awww, you guys look so cute! Sounds like a great day!! Glad you guys feel more confident now. What you’ve heard is true–you are going to be naturals once that little one is here in a few more months. Also… rest assured that I think this class is trying to overestimate some things so hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised when they turn out better than you thought. 🙂 For example, don’t worry about a squirmy newborn while swaddling. They really don’t move much at all. You can plop ’em down anywhere for the first 2-3 months and not worry about them moving much. It actually works out pretty well. While you get better at things, they develop more muscle tone… so you kind of grow together in development and ability if that makes sense. Breastfeeding also becomes easier & easier. I think B takes a total of 5-10 mins max now. Same with diapers. He would never sit still if it took me 10 minutes to do a diaper! You’ll quickly be able to freshen that baby up in 2 mins or less. As for showers and your own meals… hmmm.. I’m still working on those two!

  11. NINA Says:



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